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Has anyone used an extender before? If so, does it work

Hi Onelife. There are many threads about, do a search or just look at the bottom of this very same thread.

Hi onelife,

It does work for most people.

But you must be very patient and wear it consistently and regularly.

Didn’t work for me. I used the Andropenis, I followed the program as much as possible, averaged over 8 hours a day for several months but had no gains. I gave up on it, but recently started back with a different approach. I’m now using 1.5 hours per day, sometimes 3 hours, and increasing the length at a much slower rate than as set out in the instructions. I’m also jelqing lightly before using extender. (30 jelqs or so after warmup).

Jelqing is hard on me, and I get pain at the tip of my penis if I do much more than 30 reps. I’ve reduced my grip significantly, and jelq probably at 50% or less erection level, and never do more than 3 days straight without a break.

I’m hoping light jelqing and light extender routine will get something going. I’m not gonna measure until I am stretching at least an inch over my NBPEL. I’ll post results at that time.

Hi angrybunny,
Can you please share how you used the extender?
I used 2 different extenders. And actually what I found is that their instructions did not work for me.
So this is only my humble opinion.
They said to increase tension. I followed the instructions and 1 month later I found that I lost about 0.5 cm in length.
I was very disappointed. After that I decreased tension to almost minimum. It helped me to wear the extender longer in 1 set.
And next month I gained 0.5 cm.
I think the most important thing while using extenders is to wear it for longer hours in 1 set (2-3 hours) without breaks and at lower tension.
So I think you are doing right.

Good luck!

Hi Big, I don’t remember the details, was over a year ago. Probably wore it for 4 to 6 months. I wore it 2 hours at a time in the beginning, then1.5 hours afterwards as per the instructions. If you lost length, most likely you stressed it too much and had a negative p.I. That’s cool that you gained, I’m worried that I’m just one of those who won’t benefit from PE. At this point, I’m almost ready to go have my ligs cut.

It's working for me

Hey there angrybunny. Take heart buddy. My experience has been quite favorable, thank God. I’ve used it for the most part of 1 year and gratefully have increased in length and girth. The only difference is that I have it on from 4-10 hours a day depending on the situation. If I were you, I would definitely discard the surgical option or at least postpone it until all avenues of PE have been exhausted. Just rest easy and keep in mind that it takes time, and 2 or less hours daily, in my opinion, is not enough time for an extender. I would keep it on for at least 6 hours daily with hourly breaks. Undoubtedly, that’s why it’s referred to as an ADS (All Day Stretcher)

With regard to All Night Stretching (ANS), I’ve tried that and can recommend using a stretcher that utilizes the bungee type of tension as opposed to the spring loaded extender and most importantly having it stretch towards your head not feet. That’s how I prefer it. I can sleep deeper and it allows me to have the normal erection cycle not only unimpeded, but also enhanced. A chest harness is sold on eBay for that purpose, or you may want to invent. Good luck, hang in there, and God bless.

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