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Extender Vs Manual Stretching

Extender Vs Manual Stretching

So have you ever had a week extending where it seems harder to extend than previous weeks? This week my extender is giving me slipping problems. I’ve actually had the tension lower I’ve reading up more and it’s actually more of an issue slipping wise which doesn’t make sense.

But I’m not really feeling much stretch. I get a harder stretch feeling when I manually stretch. I know it should be lower tension for longer time with an extender but I still feel if I put the tension low so it won’t slip (with the strap and noose) it’s too low to feel much of a stretch. More of just the sides feeling tight and slightly tight around my base ligs. Any ideas?

What extender are you using? Do you use a strap, noose or other?

How many hours have you worn the extender?

Yes, I have had days in a row where I felt tighter or would find myself slipping out. I have always been able to work through those periods.

Sometimes breaks have also helped.

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I’ve dealt with this issue in the past and every once in a while it will happen to me again. (I know it says I’m a new member but I’ve been here a while on another account but decided to make a new one for privacy reasons).

Try using constant heat. This has allowed me to reduce slippage as it makes the penile tissues more flexible.

I have used an extender in the past and found it uncomfortable and ,like you, had problems with it slipping. Wrapping helped some so you might want to try that if you have not done it already. I much prefer stretching.

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