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Extender up or down

Extender up or down

Is it more effective with the penis extender up or down? I feel more stretch with down, but the video instruction has it up? What are your opinions and reason for up, or down?

I wear it in the down position, as I usually wear it while sitting down (the up position is too obvious, and the waistband of my pants get in the way).

However, I do like to try and switch it every so often, as it tends to get quite uncomfortable after a while- especially where my penis is resting on the base ring.

I just realised I haven’t answered your question. I think the down position is more effective, as it allows you to wear it for longer, and time is what you want with an extender.

I have been using up position for 2 months, 2 + 2 hours per day with a good tension stretch but have not seen any gains. I will start adding some stretch routine with it soon if I continue to see no gains. Should I be expecting some gains after 2 months of strictly extender use? How many hours per day must it be worn, and for how long before it can show results?

I tried the down position only a few times with it and felt more stretch, but it hung very low, and was uncomfortable and noticeable to sit at work. It is very discreet when positioned upwards for me. I am reversed compared to you :) How long and how many hours do you wear it per day?Have you realized some gains yet?

I like the down position while standing because I can avoid numbness for up to 2 hours due to gravity pulling blood downward to the glans. I gained from the straight out position, but I get numb a lot faster that way, even with the same tension.

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Down here, too. But maybe you should alternate a little.

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