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Extender Up or Down

Extender Up or Down

Hey Guys,

Haven’t been on in a while but still lurk often. I recently started PEing more rigorously and also got an extender. I’ve searched for a good number of hours and wasn’t able to find a definite answer. With an extender, is it more beneficial to wear it up or down or does it not matter. Problem with me is that when I try to wear the extender down, it slips off quite easily. It most likely has to do with my fairly short FL (5.5”) so wearing it up is really the only way I can wear it for an extended period of time. Any info on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Start: BPEL 5 3/16 | BPFSL 5 5/16 | MSEG 4 7/16

Long-Term Goal: NBP 7 x 5

It is generally worn down because it is easier to hide under pants. Don’t think will make much difference really as for gains, sole thing look that wearing it up your penis will tend to become cold faster, so check it often.

I’ve been wearing mine both directions and definitely feel more of a pull when it’s worn down. I think this is a good thing. I also think it’s a good thing to stretch in all directions though. I think wearing it down is going to do more work on the suspensory ligaments, which should give some pretty good gains once loosened up.

I wear the extender up and it tends to get cold when I wear it like that but I felt it was the best way to use it

Problem is I don’t even reach an hour and have to take it up for massage lot of times taking it off a lot of times

Will make the process ineffective?

No, Didio.

Thanks marinera!

When I wear mine up, my suspensory ligaments begin to ache after 15+ minutes under high tension because the edge of the base is pressing down on them. I then turn it down to release the pressure on them or I could reduce the tension.

I recently purchased the VacExtender modification kit to replace the cradle and strap/noose. After four weeks of using it, I find that it is so much more comfortable than the standard set-up so that I am able to add an additional hour or two to my daily use.

Thank you all for your responses. Until I get a little bigger, I think I’m stuck with pointing it up. As I stated, I can’t put it down because then I slip out of the strap. Also, I haven’t noticed the cold yet. However, like dtwarren, I have to change it out about every hour because the base pushes down on my ligs. Other than that, it’s quite comfortable and I’ve been able to wear it for 7-8 hours a day (with 5 min breaks every hour or so)

Start: BPEL 5 3/16 | BPFSL 5 5/16 | MSEG 4 7/16

Long-Term Goal: NBP 7 x 5

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