Extender questions and thoughts.

Been using my extender for a good 2 yrs on and off never so seriously because gains where few. But now combining the newbie routine and fowfers the gains are coming much faster and decided to get back on the extender as well.
Since the gains where bad I’m gonna ask here for some advice on how to use. What kind of pressure? How long should I use it? Should I keep it at my max BPEL all the time or does having it at less help with growth as well? Right now my max BPEL is 7inches (started at 5.5 or so =) and my BPEL with the extender on is 6.2 inches. Would I benefit more trying to push it to 7 and have it on for less time or have it on more time at 6.2?
Tell me your experience with extenders. Mine is a JES but I guess all of them work the same way.

Regards Fender,