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Extender question

Extender question

I’ve started using an extender last week in addition to a manual PE routine (in week 5). I started with 3 hrs (week 1) then 4 hours (week 2), but will most likely not have time to wear it longer than 6 hours a day, max. It says to start with a good comfortable stretch. I measured, and it seems I’ve been stretched just at or slightly below normal erect length. No discomfort at all after 2 hours, at which point I take a break. The head gets a little cold, but feels fine, and don’t see any circulation issues.

My question is, for anyone using an extender in addition to manual PE, what kind of stretch do you use, relative to your normal erect length? Also, do you just add length routinely based on time, or do you add as you gain length to keep a stretch relative to your current erect length? Thanks.

I use the X4Labs extender, and use the graduated lines that indicate tension force, to set the “stretch” force. In combination, I use a ruler to measure from a point on the extenders base to the tip of the penis. In that way, I can adjust & stretch for about the same length. Over a 7 month period, I am averaging a .25 ” per month increase in “extended stretched” length. Recently I’ve been able to wear the X4 for 2 hour sessions at tensions close to 1200g. For me, that was a major accomplishment. I do several sessions a day.

Thanks for the response. I did a bit more searching on the extender forum, and seems some people stretch right at or a little above erect length. I found that I can go 1/4 inch above erect length and wear it for 2 hours straight with no problem. I’ll probably be able to average 3-6 hours per day, but that’s in addition to a manual routine. I would think that staying stretched beyond erect length for hours at a time should help.

How has you’re .25” per month stretch increase corresponded to length gains?

I have been using the X4Labs extender for about a month now. I have measured about 1/4 inch increase in erect length. My flaccid length has increase about an inch though. I am sticking with it. Currently, I am hiding this from my wife. I want to see if she notices any difference first, then I will tell her.

It has been tough to get this thing on sometimes. I have been using the comfort strap. If I pull the strap too tight, it pinches me. If I leave it too loose, then my head slips through. It is very frustrating with this extender sometimes. Maybe I am placing too much stretch to my penis. Not sure though. The only things I am not doing are manual stretching or hot water or towel after stretch.

It is tough doing all that stuff when you have kids and a wife you are hiding this from.

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