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Extender or PE weights

Extender or PE weights

I’m preparing to start some serious hanging.

I’ve read the guides in the hanging and extenders forum.

Bib has his Peweights

And then there are a lot of extenders.
Was thinking about the Phallosan
But then there are various more
Jes extender and X4 Labs just to mention a few others.

Bib and monty thinks that hanging with weights up to 20lbs (starting lower ofc) in different angles for about an hour and then use PE Weights to prevent turtling and healing in a elongated state is the way to go.

But when you read about extenders they promote only using the extender and says nothing about heavy hanging.

Most of the info I’ve read is pretty old. And the new extenders didn’t exist when written.

Which way shall I go? Any suggestions.

I consider myself as pretty experienced in PE and can read my PI.

Best regards

The thing about extenders is you need to wear them for hours a day, if you are in a position to do so due to a solitary job, or able to wear baggy clothes, etc. then they can be effective. I would still jelq, and do some manual stretching and kegels though.

I’m in a position to wear it all day without any problems at all.

Was thinking of maybe do the jelques first and then hang after.

I do 30minutes of wet jelques. Then some Kegels during my 3x10mins of Clamping and edgeing session

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