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Extender Issues

Extender Issues

To give you some background, I’ve been here a while and kind of playing around with things PE-wise for about a year now. I started out with a flaccid of 1-1.5” length and girth not even worth mentioning and of 5.5”BPEL and 4.8”MSEG. Now, the flaccid has an inch extra on the original length at all times, and erect, I have 5.8”BPEL and 4.9”MSEG.

Another thing to note is that my penis didn’t start to grow until the age of 17 (as in, teen-adult phase) and I’m now 21, so I firmly believe I could still be growing - I’ve gained half an inch in height in the same time frame.

Okay, so the crux of the problem - my flaccid is simply too small for my extender. The small size, coupled with being uncircumcised means I simply can’t get the penis to stay in the damn thing, which is a shame as it takes about 20 minutes to get it there in the first place. I need some advice that doesn’t involve spending lots of cash or importing from the US.

My extender has the comfort strap as opposed to a noose, which would be absolutely pointless anyway as when flaccid, my head shrinks to narrower than the shaft. On the lowest tension/length available, as soon as I let go, my penis pops out.

So any suggestions? I’d like to try and make a dedicated effort at the moment to help my body along as it seems I’m still in a growth phase.

Have you considered a vac-cap?

I’d second the vote for the vacextender. I’m also pretty small flaccid and the vac cap works great for me. I’m cut, so that wouldn’t be different, but I still think it will work for you.

Good luck.

Originally Posted by marinera
Have you considered a vac-cap?

Definitely a potential solution, but it seems I can’t find a UK supplier. Any help along those lines would be much appreciated.

Also, I’m not against constructing something of the sort myself, but I’ve always been slightly confused as to how the suction is applied through these vac caps…

try wrapping with the disposable self stick ace bandage first, this give you the grippiness most extender straps are missing.…9670727-7327817

Cut off a piece that will wrap around your dick twice, then stretch out your flacid and wrap around it at the head where the strap goes on. Then put on the foam tube and strap.

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My status thread

Thanks very much guys, I shall return to lurking…

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