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Extender for large curved penis?

Extender for large curved penis?

I want to see if an extender will work to correct the bend in my penis, I feel this is effecting my erections as I can get hard enough to have sex but not like as hard as it should be it often bends trying to penetrate where the curve is or loses erection during sex not every time or even the majority of the time but enough to effect my sex life and upset my wife.
I don’t have a small penis my erection is 8.5 to 9 inches depending on how hard, so I am more interested in correcting the curve than length but I wouldn’t be upset about it growing either if it was straight it might be longer anyway.

Any ideas welcome, I was thinking about trying an extender but it’s very hard to find anything in an appropriate length, what should I be looking for?

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While extenders are sometimes advertised as doing something about this, I think that is advertising hype. First, you need to figure out which side of your penis is the “short side”. For example, if your penis curves to the left, the left side is the short side.

There are two ways to fix the problem: you can either shorten the long side of your penis (needs surgery, not a good idea), or lengthen the short side. Most folks try to lengthen the short side.

The advice I’ve seen on this forum seems to offer two ideas. Most people try manual exercises to reduce this problem, and others suggest hanging with a fulcrum. I recall that Monty has posted a lot on the topic. If you do a search on the word “curvature”, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

But if erection quality is the primary issue, I think that regular jelqing may be something to try. It improves circulation, and there are variations you can use to put more tension on the short side. Patience, though, is key - it will take time, and progress may be slow.

Live long and prosper.

Great, thanks I will take a look at that. So is there anyone on here who has successfully straightened it where I could read what they did?

I think a search on ‘curve’, title only, will yeld a good number of threads on this topic.

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