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Extender Fatigue Vs Gains

Extender Fatigue Vs Gains

I’ve been thinking about the varied results people seem to get with extenders after doing some research. It looks like people either gain well, or not at all, with some people in between.

This has me wondering about stretch fatigue in relation to gains.
Basically, I’m looking for any extender users to add some input here. Please respond with your extender time frame in months and what your gains were (or weren’t) .
But most importantly, during your time in an extender, please tell us how much stretch fatigue you were feeling after 3-4 hours in during a routine.

I’m just looking to see if there is any correlation between fatigue felt and gains gotten.

Via my research, it looks like guys who did not gain did not feel much in the way of fatigue. I personally feel a lot of fatigue after about 4 hours in my X4 labs. For me though, it’s too soon to say whether or not the extender works on my penis.

Used a Phallosan Forte in the yellow/red level for 1,700 hrs.
~1-1/4” BPEL gain

It cost me my EQ and I should have made additional adjustments to improve that (my EQ/PI’s) and I believe I would have got even better gains during that time.

I can’t say that I felt any fatigue from extending.

500h x 1kg = 0.5”

You will not find the truth about PE because we are all different, just start with extending.

Start September 2016: 6.2" x 4.6"

Current: 7.2" x 5"


Thanks for the input. I find my erection quality is through the roof using my extender. Usually at the 4-6 hour mark I really feel the stretch and I have to re-apply heat to loosen up again. I’m extending at about 1/2” below my BPEL and at the end of a session I’ll feel pretty sore in the targeted stretch areas for about 20-30 min. I have gained but I’m not sure yet if it’s due to actual gains or erection quality. I’m at about the 90-100 hour mark with the extender so I have a long way to go before I can make a determination.

Gaining and through the roof EQ is awesome!
Do NOT change or alter anything! You have a combination that works for you.

Great to hear your progress and keep us updated,

Thanks Mike

I plan to continue with my current routine as long as I have growth and positive pi’s. Any other extender users care to add their experience with fatigue?

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