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extended pumping

extended pumping

been pumping now bout 6-8 weeks. not on a regular schedule yet.
30-40 min. with a 5 min. break in the middle. kinda been random.starting to get on a regular time. thinking of trying longer
time. maybe an hour to an hour and a half with a break every 15 min.
i use 5-7 psi and get 0-1/2” gain in length and 1” in girth after the 40 min. any suggestions on the longer time would be great.

thanks in advance.

In my experience going longer than an hour really increases your chance of blisters…and those really suck. I like 40-60 min in the tube at 5-7 Hg of vacuum, with a break (release of pressure to 1 Hg) approximately every 5 min for 30 seconds and then return to 5-7. I get a REAL good pump and I’ve been able to minimize fluid build up this way and pretty much avoid the dreaded doughnut. Good luck and keep us informed.

I will second mr e. The longer sessions only promote lymphatic fluid puffiness in the outer skin layer, so keep things under 1 hour. Just going to a more regular schedule will help out a lot.

good advice, thanks. dont care for the donut either.

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