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Hey all I’m new to PE.and have started a jelqing routine along with taking extagen. I’m not sure if anyone has taken this supplement before and does it actually work.or do any PE supplements work?

That shit is expensive. Doesn’t work though. For the one millionth time, NO penis enlargement pills work.

Hahahaha.. Another poor soul who got sucked into the scam. Poor kizzles :(

It’s not surprising people get sucked in. I read one of these sites recently. I was half believing it and I know they don’t work.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

“After a week I was a good 1/2” longer.”

“After only 2 weeks, my penis has grown an inch in length.”

“I took the pills for about 13 weeks and my penis grew over 4 inches. I was 6 3/4 inches when I started and now I am basically 11 inches.”

“2 months.growth from 5 inches to 7 1/2 full inches.”

Must I quote more of this BS ?

Only for purposes of review (which constitutes fair use).

I’m surprised they don’t target by country yet. For Aussies it could be

“Hey Mate, when you’re slapping a bloodied steak on the barbie, holding a tinnie, and feelin’ fine because the boys* are checking you out. Why not pop a pill to make your manhood grow an inch.”

From Pommies something like:

“Tired of whining about your penis size? Does your partner put on her cold cream at 6pm to prevent your advances? Next time instead of retreating to your scale model of Milton Keynes and running the trains around for a few hours, why not pop a penis pill into your ovaltine and surprise your partner by poking her in the back all night lying an inch further away than normal.”

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hi brothers - I have been using on and off (not every day) a mixture of pygeum and saw palmetto and a product called men’s virility power because of an enlarged prostate and not so stiff boners. It was an experiment that seemed to work well. After about a month of off and on use my wife was giving me hand pleasure and noted “what are you doing, you are bigger in girth,” or words to that effect. I didn’t say anything but the ejaculation was one that astonished her. The pills I have used are the only difference because I have done peing on and off for years but not lately. I read a lot of stuff about extagen and even though my gut say’s don’t waste your money, people are saying they absolutely work. But after visiting this wonderful site so often, I believe that for the most part, pills do not work. However, I can not ignore the comment by my wife. I finally measured and found about 1/2 inch difference than the last time (6 months) I measured. What do I attribute that to? I don’t know.

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