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Explain kegels please

Explain kegels please

Hey :)

So I’ve been reading a lot of this stuff - trying to get an understanding of the things I need to do, and this kegels keep coming up - but no one has explained what it is ..

Can I have a good explaination of it please :)

Thank you very much

I’m sure one of the senior members will fill you in completely. Basically you kegel when you stop urinating mid stream, when you see a hole & want to stick your dick in it you tighten up and your dick springs to attention. You should be able to sit or stand and feel that sensation in your lower abdomen to groin and ass region every time you tighten that muscle. Good muscle needs excercise to stay in shape. Urologists tell you to do this if you have trouble with post urination dribbles or draining completely when you shake it out.

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Thank you :) I understand

I have read that the Kegels help you attain a better and harder erection, and make you shoot stronger and farther. Is there evidence on this? Anyone tried these techniques?


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