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Most “experts” like urologists that get fielded with questions about PE dismiss it because ” the penis is not a muscle” or “you can’t expand capillaries”. Ladies and Gentleman, don’t go by what a urologists says, I know enough about the MD curriculum to tell you that nothing in Anatomy or 20+ yrs experience looking at many a penis (as urologists do) dismisses PE. I post this because it bothers me that an “expert” says PE is a scam when PE has worked for me and many others (started Sep 05,just 20 min 5 days stretching gained ~0.5”). As for people that have not gained at all, you probably need to analyze the intensity and consistency of your routine (I’ve only done stretching, so that’s what I’ll give advice for).

My Advice to Non-Responders (Stretching):
1. Get a really good grip, I grip with my middle finger in a hook fashion right below glans.found this to be best grip.the “OK” grip to me is too weak, and stretching not intense

2. I do 25 mins a day stretch, 2 12.5 min sessions (1 out, 1 up (placing finger of other hand at base for pressure), 1 down, 1 V stretch, 1 out again)

The key to gains is INTENSITY gentlemen, that is what has worked for me.

Advice for the non-believers:
I am the most skeptical person on Earth, so initially I thought this was a big scam too.
WebMD and their “experts” give opinions on a topic (PE) that has never been scientifically researched in a controlled environment (a-la clinical trials), SO they have no right to dismiss PE when it hasn’t been dis-proven.FUNNY, how sometimes the higher up in education you go, the more you lose sight of whats practical and make judgements because you “CAN”, because you went to school for 40% of your life.This is not coming from a non-educated rebel, this is coming from the top student in his class in a rigorous engineering institution,from a student with the chance to pursue MD,PhD at Americas best institutions

As has been said many a time, life is not about a bigger dick, it is about many other things that inspirational speakers and self help books can help you figure out.
HOWEVER.if you want a bigger dick, you can have it, think about it!! If a genie asked you for three wishes, you could save them for other things.But a bigger dick you can have.
You have to be very disciplined and organized to get great gains

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Good Post, Urologist probably just probably think it’s cheaper to say PE doesn’t work. They may open themselves up to some big lawsuits by endorsing PE. If that’s not the reason, then it must be a conspiracy.

Quote from Vanilla Sky the movie:

“My father wrote about this in his book. Chapter 1… Page 1… Paragraph 1: What is the answer to 99 out of 100 questions?… Money.”

Originally Posted by GameMaster

20+ yrs experience looking at many a penis

Just curious what’s your job?

Do you look at flaccid or erect ones?

"Whats my job question”

I’m a student, I didn’t say I had that 20+ years experience.I meant that urologists can’t dismiss PE by just looking at a penis


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