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Experts Opinion Please

Experts Opinion Please

Hi guys,

I hope are all well! I have been doing PE for over 10 years on and off with little improvement unfortunately.

I have found jelquing of particular use gaining girth with it.

Problems I have encountered:

1. Manual jelquing has put a great strain on my hands - to the point where my hands tire quickly

2. I have tried the power jelq device (the one with the rollers) but my hands fatigue quickly with this too.

3. Manual stretching is also tiresome on the hands.

4. I recently made my own bib hanger. I started off with 2.5kg and hung for an hour. I felt not much was happening so increased to 3.5kg. I did most of my hanging while sitting - the string holding the weight hanging off the edge of the chair. Is this ok or do people stand around for an hour whilst hanging? I also did not feel much of a stretch. I felt more the blood being forced into the glans rather than a stretch.

I don’t feel I am making much progress because I don’t feel a stretch and if I increase the weight the hanger can slip and also become painful.

5. I live with my wife and would like discretion when I practice PE, but with my wife around it is near enough impossible. How does everybody else do PE when you live with somebody?

6. I’ve also found PE particularly time consuming. I usually hang for an hour - which is difficult when you live with somebody so I often grab an hour when I can but it is not always possible.

I would like to increase length but there seems to be little change or it becomes painful.

If anybody could share some light on this and offer some solutions I would be most grateful!

Great site by the way!

Many thanks


Hi hardcore1,

Welcome to the posting side.

I find it surprising that your hands are having more difficulty over time. Hands are pretty good at adapting. Could you maybe explore the minimum pressure you require and see whether the pressure you are using is being used effectively? Or explore different grips. Same follows with stretching. It super easy to add excess and ineffectual pressure to a grip, sometimes by exerting contrary muscles simultaneously.

Hanging is very different to manual stretching or jelqing. It’s quite possible to feel not much until maybe you’ve done 3x20 minute sets and then suddenly you cannot take the weight anymore. The penis is a strong organ by default. You could try different angles. There’s a lot of discussion of angles in the hanging forum.

In terms of how you are hanging right now, it’s probably fine as long as the weight is free. Some people attach a hook under their desk and run the string through that.

One thing that I think is particularly important about PE is commitment to a routine and that is complicated by the chance of an uninformed partner coming in to a room. Probably the most stealthy device is an extender and the most stealthy place is the bathroom for a manual routine but I guess that depends on your home setup. Any equipment is pretty hard to explain to a partner unless it works a little like the golden gun in the Bond movie.

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Memento, thank you very much for your wise words.

I do use use a very strong grip when jelquing - I usually jelq use for about 10 mins and my hands are aching by then - so your advice has been helpful.

In regards to hanging - I now know I am going in the right direction and just need to persevere - thank you

In regards to difficulty with a partner - unfortunately as you said there’s not too much that can be done but most importantly I know to commit to a routine.

Many thanks


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