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Expert Help on EQ needed Past ED, poor EQ

Expert Help on EQ needed Past ED, poor EQ

I would post this in Health, but apparently due to me joining this forum as a teenager and posting stupidly I can’t post in that forum.

I’m 20, smoker, drinker (meh), do yoga about every other day, decent physical activity, and pretty good with the ladies.
So at one point due to mostly psychological problems I had a bit of ED, specifically when drunk. But now I’m past that, and can usually at least reach entering etc.

I’m looking to improve my EQ. I recently started taking Ginkgo & Ginseng supplements everyday, this however apparently DIDN’T seem to help. My penis seems to be more full of blood in general but I cannot reach maximum hardness still. If anything my condition has worsened, if anyone knows if these can have a reverse effect please let me know.

I get erections in random places like class and morning wood on rare occasions that are near max strength but last short amounts of time.

I’m just not sure what to do. I have a bad habit of masturbating every night usually extremely quickly to pornography in order to fall asleep after words, and haven’t stopped doing this for years since I was afraid it would reduce my lasting time. Also possibly important to note, when I look at porn now I’m strong maybe 90%, but if I stop for even 10 seconds for whatever reason I go entirely flaccid (which didn’t I used to.)

Does the porn have anything to do with it?
If I know it isn’t psychological, why can I randomly get full hardness?

I’ve tried kegels a little, but usually previous to masturbating with an erection and ejaculating after words. I often feel like these are a placebo or that I do them incorrectly. I’ve had problems with erection quality during sex my whole life, but never on my own..

I’m looking for a solution that doesn’t involve any heavy medications (or obvious devices or pills, I share a room in college and “ginkgo” is the stealthiest hidden function erection improver I could find), please and thank you.

I also noticed once with a sexual partner about a week ago that on the same day I had done roughly an hour of yoga (more than the half hour I do normally) and retained high erection quality and lastability while drunk.. I can’t tell if the yoga was directly related or not though..

Thanks in advance,

Drink abuse can lower testosterone. And of course drinking and smoking doesn’t help vascular efficience. I think you already know what you do need : a more healthy living style. I’d speak with a doctor if I could, in your pants, but if you are searching for a quick fix, other than viagra et similar drugs, I think you are not going to find.

As far as I know Ginko Biloba is only used for memory and improving cognitive function.

Kegels increase the strength of your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle. I doubt placebo with have effect in this department. If you keep doing kegels hold for 4 seconds and do about 100 every other day, your EQ should increase. Try it for a few months. For me stretching alone increased my EQ greatly.

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Originally Posted by Damien84
As far as I know Ginko Biloba is only used for memory and improving cognitive function.

Also helps with circulation. Personally I noticed it made my glans more sensitive.

A good supplement for EQ is AAKG - Arginine alphaketoglutarate

Available at health food stores and sport supplement stores. Used as a workout supplement by some.

Amino Acid blend that is the precursor to nitric oxide. Google Nitric Oxide and Erections to see how all that fits together.

But probably the main thing that will help you:

- stop smoking
- do cardio
- clean up your diet (and that includes alcohol)

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Does anyone know if the porn has anything to do with it?

Also, I probably should have written this but no drinking and smoking are both kind of essential in my life style. I have plenty of friends who smoke and drink and still can get hammered and perform, I just need to figure out whats wrong between me and them.

Also, I’m athletic, 6 foot, 170 lbs, extremely in shape and fit, good cardio regardless of four years smoking.. My body is in great condition.

I’m in college I don’t want to / can’t afford to change my diet really, it’s decently healthy I get about 3k calories a day including alcohol averages but I do too much physical activity between biking to school everyday, yoga, surfing etc, and have too fast of a metabolism to get any fat whatsoever, I’m extremely skinny/fit.

I’m going to try to consistently do kegels, & I’ll research the AAKG now, thanks :D

You could be tired, also.

First and foremost, alcohol and smoking are two of the worst things for EQ overall. Excessive masturbation, especially geared toward the goal of quick climaxes and fueled by porn are two things that will grossly effect both EQ and performance (think Pavlov’s dogs)!

Cut back on the bad habits. You can do so in moderation. Cut way back on the masturbation.

Pick up a moderate jelq routine. Jelqing improves EQ by light years when done regularly and properly. Jelqing also re-conditions your mind and body for longer encounters. When you get to a certain level of erection during a jelq session, you let it subside. Your body attenuates and you build excellent control. Jelqing also conditions your penis and will make a diamond cutter out of your piece. My wife actually complains when I jelq regularly. She says it feels too hard and more like a dildo than a living penis!

Just my .02

I’m 40, smoke a pipe, drink daily (2 drinks or so), lift weights and box after a 12 hour shift and I can get rock hard on command. PE is a powerful thing!

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My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine

This happen to me but all seem improve after I start doing jelq with edging that I learn from this forum.

9_in, thanks that helps a lot.

I think I’ll pick up jelqing (but I feel as though I’ll only be able to do these infrequently), and I think I’ll do a frequent kegel routine.

Edging wouldn’t hurt either, so instead of masturbating to fall asleep I’ll edge till I’m tired.. That’l probably work a couple wonders.

So zero porn, and compensation by edging.. Sounds perfect.

Thanks guys, any other advice, tips, etc?

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