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Experiment Question

Experiment Question

I’ve been thinking about trying an all day PE routine.

You see I lift weights and have done this all day arm workout that adds like a 1/4 an inch to your arms overnight. Well not overnight but over the next 5 days as your muscles repair themselves.

Was wondering if this could be applied to PE. Not sure if anyone has tried this yet.

The way the Workout goes is like this. You lift for about five minutes supersetting like a curl and a tricep extension’s. Then you rest for 25 minutes and do another superset but of different exercises. You do this nine times and then your done.

So I was thinking maybe the same thing could be done in PE. Obviously you would have to go for more than five minutes though. Say do a 30 minute routine then rest for 30 minutes.

Do not try this newbies. Most likely no one should

So anyway. Do like a 30 minute jelqing. Then rest for 30 minutes. Then do a 30 minute clamping. Then rest for 30 minutes. Repeat this nine times. Or something to that nature.

I’m going to at some point in the future try this. Should anyone (not a newbie) like to try this or know of anyone who has please tell me.

Give me your thoughts and opinions on this

Newbies do not even think of doing this.

You mean 30mins jelq + 30 mins rest + 30mins clamp + 30mins it 9 times? That’s 18 hours total.

The question is how many of us has that kind of time doing such routine, but I would like to know if you can get good result from such routine.

It’s gonna take a long time but would be worth it if it worked.

I’m sure not many people would have the time to do it. I or anyone else could modify it so it didn’t take so much time. Maybe 15 minute jelq and then 15 minute rest and the same for the clamping. That would cut it down to 9 hours. Still a lot but you know if it worked really well that you would find the time to do it.

I’m going to do this at some point probably the 9 hour one. When I do Ill post my results every where.

When muscles repair themselves, they get bigger in preparation for being able to handle future workouts.

When the penis repairs itself, I do not believe it gets longer. From the way I understand it, exercises cause microtears that lengthen the penis. The penis then repairs itself by “patching” up the microtears in the slightly longer state and you are left with a slightly longer penis. In order to make gains from a one day workout, I think your “microtears” would have to be so large they would become “macrotears!” Quite simply, the penis cannot microtear itself 1/4” of length in one day without ripping and doing serious damage.

Also, there are many others that have fairly aggressive routines who do not get overnight gains. If this one day PE workout actually worked, I think the hangers/ADS’ers would be gaining like mad! Also, I believe a lot of people here have done one day PE marathons, especially with clamping, and haven’t had amazing one day gains.

However, I would be curious if you could do this routine about once a week or biweekly and get gains. Maybe 15 minutes of jelqing 5 days a week is just as effective as 75 minutes of jelqing one day per week?

I do believe it is important to “surprise” the penis with new exercises because the penis tends to toughen up and resist the same typical everyday exercises. Thus, I think this one day workout would be good as part of a typical routine occasionally. On the same note, this one day workout might be good for getting through a plateau.

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Yep, I agree with BigMara. I do shock therapy once a month, the exercise is 4-hour straight

I agree with you Bigmara. The more I think about the less I think it could work as far as getting a full 1/4 inch. I do think that it would be an excellent shock routine though.

I was only planning on doing it once or twice a month. Probably at the beginning and end of a month. Doing more than that would most likely lead to over training.

Ill try it out next month.

Thanks for your replies.

Oh yeah, I guess “shock therapy” is the standard term for this strategy. Well, just be careful and don’t push yourself too hard because you do not want to end up with “macrotears.” Shock therapy, at least of this intensity, should not be preformed by newbies.

Oct 2006: BPEL: 7.75" NBPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.125"

Goal: 17+ cubic inches of volume, someday, currently inactive

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