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Experiences with "hard stretch"

Experiences with "hard stretch"

Has anyone had good experiences with the “hard stretch”? This is where you achieve full erection and push your unit down, left, feels pretty good at directly stretching the ligs.

Don’t stretch your penis whilst erect, it’s dangerous. And I think it’s also pretty unesufel - if smooth muscles are engorged, the major force you are fighting is not that of your ligs or TA.

Then whats the major force you are fighting?

A special thanks to buttonbuck

Originally Posted by lightening1
Then whats the major force you are fighting?

A hard cock.

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You are fighting the resistance of smooth muscle filled with blood. Stretching it will place little force on TA; this will be effective only on the direction of raising risks of injuries, since the stress will be unbalanced and the TA is less compliant.
Anyway, stretching an erect penis is not easy and in most of cases the penis will react losing erection as a defensive mechanisme.

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