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Experienced With Edging

Experienced With Edging

Hey all,

Been thinking of adding edging to my newbie routine. I’m one of those guys that lasts 3-5 mins in the sack, and find it a little embarrassing. I’ve read about edging a lot and everyone keeps recommending it, but I haven’t heard of anyone’s actual experience with it. Aside from the proper techniques, how often do you edge? For how long? and how long before you noticed substantial results in your performance.

Thanks a bunch!

I’ve never here of this edging how would you do this I no about kegels thought doing them good help with the lasting longer in the bedroom.

I have utilized edging for years. You masturbate almost to the point of no return (PONR).
Then you back off to allow your excitement to relax just a bit. You then resume masturbating, again just short of the PONR. I usually do this for about 20 minutes or so. When younger it was not unusual for me to edge sometimes for over an hour. The longest I have been able to sustain this recently is 30 minutes. At that point I lose my erection.

Later in the day, if I desire I can resume edging.

I will do this for several days before continuing to the PONR , and finishing.

This will, in time, allow you to train yourself so that you should be able to increase your lasting time when involved in intercourse. I know that I am able to last nearly anhour or more.

Good luck.


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My advice:

If you are going to watch porn while edging only do it to get you hard at first then stop watching porn! Porn has a mental effect and while edging makes it way easier to go to far and cum.

Yes your right about not watching porno while edging tryed edging for first time today. Thought add bang some porn on to get me in mood bad idea could not holed back going to try with out next time see how it goes.

Personally I enjoy edging with porn and I don’t find it too difficult to stop before going over the edge but I recently started focusing on no porn because the point of edging is to learn how your body “feels” during different levels of excitement and to learn to control those levels. Maybe after you develop more control you can use porn to add intensity so to speak.

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Maybe I’m just retarded. Because when I har porn playing my brain shuts off and I forget I’m still stroking my unit while at a 9 out of 10 on the about to cum scale. Usually I can hold it back but a lot of times I just think “fuck it” even though I know I’m going to regret it.

Another thing I tend to do is keep going to long. For example I’ll get to the point of almost cumming like 5-10 times and keep saying I’ll just do it one more time then quit and eventually I slip up and cum.

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