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Sorry for my bad English . I want to know if the Newbie program must be do with the penis in erection or with the penis flaccid! Send me a simply message please !!

Stretching is done with a flaccid penis.

Jelqing is done with a semi-erect penis, between 50-80%. 50% erection tends to work length, 80% erection tends to work girth.

Most guys start with something like 50% to 80% erection to jelq with, greater erection tends to work more on girth.

To avoid injury, most people would advise against working with a full, 100% erection on any exercise until you build up some tolerance, and even then, be cautious.

Luvadus posted a very good
basic routine
- worth looking at.

Also, for clarity, you may want to look at
Thunder’s Place Video Series.

Hope that helps.

(sorry for the redundancy, RB was right on top of that!)

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