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exercises to increase testosterone ?

exercises to increase testosterone ?

pe does so , i m guessing
weight lifting exercises like squattin defintely do so

i read somewhere if u masturbate but dont’ ejaculate that also keeps yours testesotrone level high ? true ??

Massaging the testicles will increase testosterone production.

Also you might try taking tribulus terrestris, it’s a herb that makes your body produce more testosterone too!

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Squats, deadlifts and heavy bench presses give you an instant kick in testosterone.

Zinco Magnesium!


Squats, squats, squats and then more squats. All done using a smith machine and doing them with perfect form. Also front squats on the smith machine is a winner for me.

However the ultimate testosterone blast I have ever had in my life come one night when I got on my bike, cranked up the gearing to top gog and then went blasting up streets that were really steep.

I would hardly gear down and would just keep blasting slowly up the hilly streets at 10pm in the night.

Man I could not get to sleep that night I was just so pumped. Just like at those tour de France riders when they stand on the award stands. There legs are so pumped and the units are almost burstings out of there bike shorts.

Just GMJ’s opinon and experince with his testosterone inducing efforts..



You are dead on with the bike. I get my Test pump by power walking - 3 miles in about 41 minutes wearing a 50 lb weighted vest. Not as radical as your biking sorte, but effective non-the-less. Also, squats, dead lifts, and rowing - rowing is terrific, too.

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Anyone else here heard of Dance Dance Revolution? This game, on high difficulty, requires both speed and agility and can become tiring quite quickly. Also, it doesn’t take up much room.

I usually do a little routine of some DDR, followed by some crunches and push-ups to keep myself in shape. Not sure if this does anything for testosterone though, but it is exercise!

Originally Posted by pakiyabhai

i read somewhere if u masturbate but dont’ ejaculate that also keeps yours testesotrone level high ? true ??

I think this is only true short term, long term it doesnt make a big difference either way. I’ve read that Testerone drops after ejaculation for a short period yes, no harm is done though and it rises back up shortly after

Westla has stated over and over that testosterone levels are not effected by ejaculating. Until proven otherwise I believe him, and will ejaculate with joy and peace of mind.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

There are several threads here at Thunder’s with links to scientific studies that show T levels do not change with ejaculation. It does increase over time if you don't ejaculate, but that doesn’t mean it was low to begin with. Here are a few links:…t_uids=12697037…t_uids=11760788…st_uids=9695139

Regarding exercise and testosterone. The increase in T from exercise seems to be related to the body interpreting the heavy use of large muscles as stress. Apparently the increase in T doesn’t last long. In one report the peak of the increase occurred just 20 minutes after exercise. This increase in T, along with growth hormone, is thought to contribute to muscle growth.

Interestingly, women can have an increase in muscle size without an increase in testosterone level: report.

iahbap - PE exercises are not as stressful to the body and working large muscle groups, so there isn’t an increase in testosterone from doing PE.

Redwood - Do you have a link to a study about testicular massage increasing T. Do you think it’s just a matter of “squeezing” out some hormone from the gland or does the massage actually stimulate production of new hormone? I didn’t find anything on a quick look.

Westla, I don’t have a link to any studies, I just know I read about this though.(I think in a book a have. But maybe online.)

I think the massaging stimulates the testis to produce more T, or perhaps it gets the T that is there to start moving about the body.

I’ll have to take a look if I can find some info on this to share.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I’ve read in a magazine that the mere act of competition itself can significantly boost testosterone levels. This can mean a pick up game of basketball or even a game of Chess. Yes Chess! It’s not just motion itself which can induce greater testosterone production but Challenge in the most general sense. So, Challenge yourself in every venture you pursue and testosterone should increase.

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