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Exercises to gain more length rather then just Girth

Exercises to gain more length rather then just Girth

Hi everyone, I would like to know what PE exercises help with lengthening your unit rather then just gaining girth. When you jelq what grip should I use the regular OK grip or the over hand OK? What are the best stretches for me to use? I am at a 7” length and I would love to be at 8.5”. My girth is 5.5” and I would like to be at 6” but I’d rather stress my length first. Please help me!

Also, after your done jelqing they say your unit is suppose to look engorged or a lot bigger flaccid for a couple of hours but mine only looks bigger for a couple of minutes after I’m done. What am I doing wrong or am I worrying about nothing.

Nothing to worry about, it’ll last longer the more you do it. (at least mine does, but then again, we’re all different)

I’d suggest over hand OK grip, but even I change up once in a while during my exercise. (Ok, so maybe that’s so I can see it and feel macho, but still :)

For gaining length you really need to be doing the stretches
Simple Manual Stretches Video

That got me a over 3/4” length over the course of a couple months. Jelqing has always been a girth exercise for me.

Hope that helps!

Why do you think the newbie routine should not work b1?

Do all kind of stretching exercises! Those will help you gain length. I gained almost 0.5 inches in 6 months from doing ONLY stretching!! But be careful.if you pull to hard on your dick you will do more bad than good.also I feel that I get the best workout (stretching) when my penis is completely flacid.

Good luck!

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