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exercises to become multiorgasmic???


exercises to become multiorgasmic???

I have never had an multiorgasmic experience. Right after ejaculating I lose my erections quicky. I am on my second week of PE and have noticed harder erections. Are there any particular exercises or “tricks” to becoming multiorgasmic. Can I work my way up to being multiorgasmic? Any advice or suggestions?


Go to page 1 of the Men’s Sexual Health Forum. There is an excellent thread on that page by “bel 24 mondo,” called “Multi orgasm technic.” Check it out. His post pretty much covers the subject.

There are also other threads on this subject in that forum.


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On that same page, there is also an excellent thread on the subject by Werner Ashford, titled, “Sweet Rewards—balloning Works.” Check that one out too.


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The trick to becoming multiorgasmic is “DO NOT EJACULATE.” Though for some men it is possible to come and be ready to go again right away, most of us cannot. You must first exercise your PC muscle, and then find your “point of no return.” When you feel like your going to come, stop for a second and squeeze your PC muscle, you will be able to feel some contractions in your dick. These contractions are a sort of miniorgasm, that in time can be turned into full orgasms(except without coming). You just have to focus on the contractions. I have been doing this for about six months now and I can have any where from 1 to 16 orgasms. And the best part is, is that each subsequent orgasm is more mindblowing than the last. In addition to all that, without ejaculating you don’t lose your erection so you can last as long you (or your partner) like. Try it, and remember not to give up if you do come.

Being multiorgasmic it’s difficult, because, we need to completely stop the PC muscle, very hard….. There is one PDF file in the P2P outhere about this.

I read it all, and I could have 2 orgasms :) , but it demands a lot of effort to controlate ourself.

Someone else here can have more than 1?

Mix being multiorgasmic with a big tool, and you have it all.

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Hey brianJ, does your wang get harder after each orgasm, or does it get softer but you can bring it back right away with a little stimulation?

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I’m multi orgasmic. I even orgasm when doing uli’s but I stop my self from cumming by contracting my PC muscles. Now it’s great to be able to hold an erection for as long as possible but there are some problems.

If you never cum you can start to feel irritated with life. I still havn’t found a way of sublimating the sexual energy. I’d love to never cum and use the energy created through PE for higher purposes. Unfortunately if I never physically cum I have my mind in the gutter for the day.

There’s another technique which is about relaxing your PC muscles this apparently lets the orgasm ride throughout your body. I can’t do that yet. You can also do a reverse kegal (e.g. pushing out when having a piss). I’ve had some success but I’m still trying to practice this method. Will update if I ever achieve full success.

Now it’s true that some people say there’s a point of no return for physical cuming and you must kegal before this point. This is true but though my experiments I have occaisionally passed this point and still stopped my self from cumming.

The trick I’ve learned when I have passed this stage is to kegal but also do a sort of belly dancing motion with my stomach muscles. Seems to work for me. Also concentrating on not cumming is important. You can check your state of arousal with your breath. Short panting breathing will mean you’re on the brink of climaxing. So control your breathing and the mind will follow - i.e. breath slowly.

It took some time to learn to use my PC muscles for orgasm after orgasm. I’m still a student and there’s lots to learn but, while it takes a lot of effort it sure is fun learning. Yeah you’ll blow your load along the way but with practice you can get good.

I have to say the best thing about the technique is the control you get during sex. Suddenly when you learn this trick you become the master! No longer are you a slave to the worry of premature ejaculation or the timing of nature. What is good aswell is that if you’re with a girl and she doesn’t orgasm if you have no semen pumped into her she will think that you also havn’t orgasmed. Now that’s control. I find some girls love the power they have over men when they don’t orgasm all the time. They know men want to please women and they know the man will feel anxious if he thinks he hasn’t pleased. Now for one when you can control your erections there’s much more chance the woman will orgasm but also if you have a b!*ch in the bed then you can pass the ball of anxiety back in her court and be like - look i’m dry i didn’t orgasm either. Then see how hard she will work to please you.

What exactly do you do with your PC muscles delectric?

I have tried to contract my PC muscles, as soon as i start feeling an orgasm coming, but it seems like I’m not strong enough since I just can hold it for a couple of seconds, and then I ejaculate.

Please give me your advice, your post is megainteresting!

It sounds like your basically on the right track. Keep doing what you’re doing you’ll learn to judge the timing and the stregth of your PC muscles will increase with time. I remember it took a long time for me to master the technique. At first I got quite disheartened because I would splurt my load. But I stuck at it and eventually it came (no pun inteneded).

There’s a muscle between your anus and scrotum that can also help with stopping ejaculation. It’s hard to isolate but you do flex it when you kegal. Try to isolate this and you might have a little more success. Put your finger between your scrotum and anus. kegal you’ll feel this muscle move. Now try to flex it without flexing your anusring. You’ll know when you’ve got it because when it’s flexed on it’s own you’ll feel a shiver running up your back.

Play around have fun. It’s just a matter of time and effort.

I learnt the technique from a second hand book I bought on Tantric sex. Those Indian guys are way ahead when it comes to knowledge of sex. You could probably learn a lot quicker if you went to a tantric workshop. But to be honest I don’t know I have zero experience of these. I just think it’s very hard to explain the inner workings of what i’m doing with my body to stop ejaculation and orgasm more than once because I don’t know the inner workings of the boddy. I’ve learn’t a lot through trial and error.

Honstly though stick with what you’re doing. You’ll soon have a PC muscle to make the incredible hulk jealous. Check your breathing. Short fast breathing is a clear sign you’re about to ejaculate. Oh also when your testicles shoot up inside you’re body - this is a sign you will ejaculate.

Eventually you will get to the stage where you will be able to feel the sperm rising up through the penis. If you ejaculate you’ll begin to be able to say how much cum will come out before it even has. A nice party trick perhaps.

Once you’ve mastered this technique you’ll never go back to splurting your load once. The fun can last all night.

The only thing I want to learn now is how to get an erection at will. I’m 100% sure that this is possible with the correctbreathing technique and control of the inner muscles. After all there are some people who are able to control thier heart rate at will. Why not dick. No doubt at some point I will buy a big box of viagra and study the breathing rate while on them as well as concentrating on what’s happening on the inside with muscles and the various moving parts. Hopefully then it will be possible to replicate viagra without viagra. hmm perhaps I could become rich by mastering that.

Wow delectric, you are such a guru in this topic, I read your reply four times. So, you think the key to stop from cummin is becoming a master by having superstrong PC muscles, and of course, controlling your breathing.

How exactly should I breath? mouth? nose? slow? can you give me a couple of tricks in breathing?

Sorry I ask a lot, but i find this marvellous!
I’ll keep trying and trying and keep you updated, OK?

Thanks a lot!!


I was going to say I’ll have a quick wank and try and describe the process in detail. However, injury will prenvent this for at least a few mor weeks.

Concentrate just on the PC muscles first. Don’t run before you can walk. All i’m saying is at the start monitor your breathing you will be the best judge eventually and you will notice a change in the breathing pattern before you come.

Really i’m only recently getting into breathing work so i’m not the expert. But to your question. Yeah a super strong PC muscle is one way to become multi orgasmic in the sense that yu can have one and then carry on straight again and have another. However, this is just one technique but a good one to master first.

OK, thanks again delectric. I’m going to focus even more on my PC muscles and see what happens along the time. I didn’t think that stopping semen with Kegels were possible, but now as I can see there are some people like you who had achieved this power, so I can too, you are human, and me too right? hahaha!

Thanks a lot folk, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Yeah i’m definately human. Don’t worry when I first read about stopping semen through this tantric book I was sceptical. For the record there was little info about the technique and I’ve documented it better in this post.

Well, I eventually saw results and it made me really think that the Eastern cultures had a lot to teach the west.

Actually the PC muscles can also make you cum. Ever had a girl stick her finger up your ass!? If you have you’ll know there’s a gland up there that’s linked directly to your dick. Stimulating this makes your dick harder. Now when your kegaling your strengthening the muscles up your arse. If you get them strong enough it’s possible to stimulate this gland without a finger (gay men - dick). So you can mastarbate without wanking. I’ve heard that some people don’t even need to touch their dick.

I’m not at this stage but if I mastarbate I no longer wank. I just either grab my balls, hold my dick or if my kegals are strong on the day just put a finger on the dick. Then I just kegal and stimulate that gland. I can always shoot my load this way if I want to. I really hope in future that I can get my PC muscle strong enough to achieve erection and climax at will without touching my dick. who knows no doubt it must be possible it’s just time.

now you may be going how can you kegal and stop yourself from coming as well as kegal and make yourself ejaculate? You will find when you are about to ejaculate your PC muscles will contract very quickly. Often this is the point beyond no return (however not always).

You must control these super quick contractions. You can let them begin (i.e. you orgasm) but before they go crazy control the PC by kegaling therefore you stop the contractions. You will still get the rush to the head of orgasm but you won’t ejaculate.

The problem you may be having now is that if you’re practicing the techniques you may be ejaculating and this effectively cuts down on your study time! Now in the meantime why don’t you employ a manual technique to stop you from ejaculating? When you feel yourself about to come squeeze the base of your dick as hard as you can to stop the ejaculation. (you can incorporate this with you’re kegal and breathing). This will act as a safety net and allow you to build up to eventually taking away the manual squeeze. When employing the manual technique you can have time to watch your breathing and so concentrate on relaxing the breath.

Let me know how it goes. Best of luck. If through your trial and error you find some other techniques let me know i could do with some more weapons for my arsenal

I find that grabbing the skin of the shaft and sliding it away from the body helps me edge without ejaculating. I only use that when I feel I can’t hold it back without it.

I can stop an orgasm midway if I stop the stimulation. I relax the PC’s. If i ejaculate before hand I can stay hard after multiple orgasms. The act of ejaculating seems to make me go limp. If there is no semen I can keep it up. Even if I do go limp it takes about a minute of concentrating on the girl, fantasy, porn at hand to get it back up.

Also if you’ve read up on all the funky chinese sex fertility stuff , like 2000 strokes (don’t remember exact but alot) without orgasming you can see that the man will develope complete control of his orgasm eventually :P

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