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exercises to become multiorgasmic???


I don’t think that cumming without shooting is all that great. I mean, if gals are impressed with a healthty shot from the porridge gun then what’s the use in stopping it? After all, for me, cumming means the great feeling of blowing my load. When stifling my orgasm by tightening everything up, it just does’nt feel right!! Am I the only one to admit this?

I can do it, and cum again and again, but the feeling is far inferior. It also seems (to me) a little selfish in respect of the woman. I see it this way: If you are trying to give her the time to cum and cum and cum, then why not just bang away yourself without cumming? It’s no use cumming with yourself in private if she does’nt know the your doing it!! And as I said before, they dont feel that good anyway.

I much prefer to spew my baby goo and then spew it again. If I am well worked-up I can usually do it twice on the run within a minute or so. I realise that this is a little unusual (so I’m told - but I’ve always been able to) but isn’t this preferable? Shouldnt we be trying to devise methods of acomplishing this? Women love to see it happen and it makes them feel like a goddesses. Thanks for the opportunity to post. Regards to all.

Perhaps it’s different for everyone. I personally find it far more pleasurable to orgasm and keep having another after another. I usually keep myself balanced on the tip where my head feels the constant rush of orgasm. Far better than the 10 second (or much less) rush you get with ejaculation. I’ve even had times where I’ve ejaculated and not orgasmed so the two arn’t necessarily linked together. Sure perhaps at the end of the session I might blow my load.

When I was younger I used to be able to ejaculate - hardon - ejaculate - hardon - ejaculate etc I think about 7 in a row was my record (the girl can testify to this). At the time I took great pleasure in think ing how virile I was. However, when I think back ejaculating like this made me drained and possibly depressed. Too much loss of semen leads to the loss of your vital energy. Why do you think so many men roll over after sex and go to sleep? Why do sportsmen refrain from ejaculation before an event? Off course the accumulation of too much of this energy can also lead to psychological disfunction. Ever seen how wound up a woman can be when she hasn’t orgasmed in a while!

I believe most people could with effort get a second hardon after ejaculating. However, most don’t because it doesn’t feel as good as the first one because thier dick isn’t so hard the second time round. Why? Because you’ve shot away you vital energy the fuel your body makes to power your erection.

Partial orgasm feels pretty damn good and as delectric said you can keep having many of them. Women can have 10 times more orgasms than men in a given time and possiblly expect atleast that many before YOU get yours. My partial orgasms have taken me to the brink of conciousness, it feels as if I’m about to black out and that is an awesome feeling.

To BigPolish as long as you can get it back up quickly thats fine. Many women require a minimum amount of “screwing” before they can start to get their orgasms, you need to last longer than this minimum. Unlike us an interrupted orgasm in women often means they have to restart all over again in orgasm buildup.

I keep a hard on if I orgasm with no semen and can just keep going. The semen ejaculation seems to trigger a flaccid response in me. When I was 18 I could ejaculate and keep a hard on and ejaculate again in 30 seconds and keep going. It was crazy and it kept me too occupied at times with myself :p I am talking about hours at a time. Now a days I keep it between 30-60 mins, PE has become part of the session.

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Wow Siamguy - the brink of conciousness! Tell me more. Perhaps you can share some techniques.

There’s two type of dry orgasms the one where I feel like I’m at a constant peak but keeping the hardon and the other where orgasm triggers a flacid response. I think the latter is due to pushing the buildup further past the point of no return (or closer to it). What do you think.

Yeah bro I also incorporate this dry orgasm into my routine especially with girth exercises where you’re pumping loads of blood into you’re dick. Some of the best sex I’ve ever had on my own. What about you?

Hey delectric!
I’ve been practicing this weekend everything you told me, and I’ve got these questions.

I masturbated until the point of no return, right? then I kegeled very strong and slowed down my breathing. I could hold my ejaculation almost completely (just a couple of drops out of my dick) but then, when I stopped contracting my PC muscle, I had the “after ejaculation feeling”, and I couldn’t keep my erection any longer.

How many seconds approximately should I kegel to be sure that I won’t ejaculate even a drop? or how can I identify the moment to keep on having sex after that? do you stop for a while? On the other hand, I think that even If I don’t ejaculate, my penis anyways will have the feeling of “job done” and I will lose my erection. I need to learn this technique!! I really need it! It’s my dream to have sex as long as I want without worrying about anything, because I usually cannot last more than 2 or three minutes? Any other tips? How long did It take to you to learn this?

Oops, sorry for the long post, hehehe!


If you lost the erection and libido, you probably did ejaculate, retrograde back into your bladder. If this happens again, take a look at your urine the next time you pee. Ejaculate might be obvious there.



Ahh! Navarro you’re making progress fast from the sounds of it. Excellent. Were the drops really semen (white) or clear? If they were clear then this was probably just pre-cum “goo”.

Well there’s a chance that the semen went into your urine system. Not a bad thing tantric masters say this is a way to conserve your vital enery. But, of course you want to keep carrying on. Well I don’t really think there’s too much I can do for you (except watch you and coach you through it!). You must be beginning to judge the balance of the barrier between orgasm and non-orgasm. I would suggest to keep doing what you’re doing. Perhaps you’ll have to hold back slightly before then, keep moving the barrier (where you kegal) closer to the big O where you’re always on the tip of orgasm.

Think about how much your dick swells up before ejaculation! Now imagine keeping it that hard for as long as you want! Usually half and hour to 40 minutes is more than enough for me. (my time schedule won’t allow me anymore).

Not sure how long it took me exactly to learn. I’m still really learning. But I think you’ve had a great success. You’ve orgasmed with only a little ejaculation. This shows control is developing. Often if I feel wound up I will release a little semen like this but refrain from splurting my full load. Also I must admit that as I aim to ever refine my technique I also occaisionally splurt by accident.

I think perhaps I wasn’t really proficient until six months of practice. But, I must have had some success like you have had otherwise I would have jacked it in.

One drawback was that my longterm girlfriend started getting very paranoid because I wasn’t ejaculating. She thought she wasn’t pleasing me. So I reasured her that I was very pleased with sex. I think she still missed seeing the big splurts. However, this soon disapeared when she realised the benefits control brings. On the other hand at times she thought it wasn’t her that was pleasing me. I was pleasing myself. Oh well sometimes you can’t win.

Orgasm control + Excellent technique + big tool x Great woman = Good sex. (now I just need the big tool). however, if I started life with a 8+” would I have bothered perfecting the other arts?

What’s the point of driving a bigger car if you can’t control it? You’ll only crash and burn.

Hey delectric!
Thanks for taking your time to help me, you have no idea how important this is for me. Before reading your first post in this thread, I never imagined that men also could be multi-orgasmic, but now at least I have hope, and if I have it, I’m gonna keep fighting until I reach my goal. From this moment, I will keep doing what I’m doing until I see any progress, (maybe I’ll post every 3 or 4 weeks for you to coach me through it). In the end, when I finally could master this technique, your prize will be knowing that somewhere in the world there is a happy couple having great sex because of you. Maybe it’s not much, but that’s all I can promise.

See ya!

PD. I doubt my girlfriend could wait for six months, hahaha… so I have to work very hard on it!

There’s actually on online book you can get, How to make love all night by a Barbara Keesling that discusses how to acheive orgasm without ejaculating. It’s a rather lengthy read, but you might find it helpful.

I’ll send you my address so you can put the cheque in the post. :) Keep up the good work. I also have a book that I downloaded from the web that discusses some techniques. Only delved into the first chapeter. Perhaps reading it now might be more confusing. It’s a bit mushy to be honest I like no nonsense manuals.

Still if you want to give me an email address I will try and send it.

Big Stiff I will have to check out that book - any good?


Have been reading this thread and am convinced this is the path to sexual nirvana.
So far I have managed to hold back the cum while masturbating using PC flex, and when it happened I was grinning from ear to ear…it really is possible! I have tried to do the same during sex but can’t get anywhere close, I just lose all control. Do you have to stop pumping/pull out/whatever to achieve this?

It certainly has given me more incentive to work out my PC muscle anyway which can’t be a bad thing.

I am practicing this as well, but when I get close to cumming, I often squeeze my pc muscle and though I may “stop” myself from shooting, I often can feel cum going up my shaft and most of the time, some cum drips out even though I might still be hard or experiecing a small orgasm, but not a FULL orgasm where I completely shoot.

So is it normal when edging to have some cum come out?

Delectric - you are obviously a pro at this, do you still find taht cum links out when you have multiple orgasms, or has it gotten to the point where nothing happens except your own multiple orgasm?


Tungsten - it’s just a matter of time. Sure at first you can do it on your own but it’s harder with another person. Yeah - just pull out if you have to. Squeeze to stop the cum. Each time you’re stregthening your PC muscle eventually you’ll have to pull out less as you get stronger. Like I’ve said in previous posts I have a PC muscle to give the incredible hulk a complex. If I wear the right trousers you can see it flexing when I kegal. So no more secret kegal exercises for me when I’m standing. Think of it this way. You probably thought like PE multiple orgasms in men was impossible now you’ve had some success you know it could happen to you. Like PE all you need is time.

Johngreen38, well of course it’s not abnormal to have some cum coming out. The question is do you want it out? Like I said I let a little out sometimes to chill myself out. I need to know how to transform sexual energy for other uses so I don’t get wound up. So far only exercise helps. Is the liquid clear? If it is then this isn’t cum it’s precum. If it’s cum then perhaps you havn’t fully mastered the technique. When I’m riding the wave of the O i find a lot of pre cum goo leaks out it’s clear though. Not sure if there’s anthing that can be done about it. Don’t worry though it’s natural.

If I go to far I can feel the cum rising up the tube. Though kegaling tight stops it from coming out though I have to hold that PC for a long time to make sure if falls back into the system. And often then I lose my erection. So perhaps it goes into the urine. Another trick to push the cum back down the tube is to do a sort of belly dance with your stomach muscles! Can’t explain this too well i would need to video it (actually it looks quite freaky). All I would say is start experimenting with tightening the stomach muscles when trying to stop the ejaculation process.

Hope that helps good luck troops and keep me posted. If you find out any other cool tricks in your experiments let me know. I’m a long shot of being an expert even though I did start this about 4-5 years ago.


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