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Exercises for better eq

Exercises for better eq

Ok, I have been wanting a bigger penis for many years now but recently I discovered something worse than having an average penis.. An average penis that does not work.. That is what I have now, so my question is, if I am only thinking about better eq and lasting longer, what program would be best for me? Of course if I get a bigger penis during it it a plus but not a must right now.. I have been thinking about the beginner jelq program, is there anything that is better suited for my purpose out there?

The newbie routine and giving up smoking and heavy drinking increased my erection quality within a few weeks. Add to that some (normal non PE) exercise and starting to eat right… big improvements. Now if only I can get rid of this stress! :)

Good luck new guy. Stick with the newbie routine and perhaps edge a little. It will get better.:)

Co-sign 74zowee86, and would add that a thorough physical exam may be in order. There may be something else going on that is affecting your inability to get an erection. Good luck.

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Also, if you are not in shape, start doing some cardio, like fast walking around the park or maybe a slow jog. Get your blood flowing.

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