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Exercise Workouts

Exercise Workouts

Hello can you please help me because I’ve tried PE hanging and pumping to no avail. This is the last hurdle and I am going to try exercises for the first time. I only want to gain length at this period of time can you point me in the direct of a good workout routine preferably an advanced one as I believe I can handle it without injury.

My penis is 5 inches. The left side of my penis is smaller than my right and is also tighter if you could give me any information regarding that I would be most grateful. Thanks

Hi Bigben2012,

You’re kind of going backwards. Most people try the exercises first and then when or if they become less effective, it’s the turn of equipment in it’s multiple forms. There’s a reason for this, gains normally come with the less intense methods but they can fade after a while and so people feel the need to stretch with more force or greater time than can be accomplished manually. That is to say that the process of PE makes the penis resistant to PE.

You’ve jumped right in at the advanced level, maybe mistaking advanced for better rather than what it actually is: the only resort when gains stop. In the process you’ve probably made your penis very resistant to any form of PE.

I realise that you aren’t going to like this answer but my recommendation would be to take some time off, probably between 6 months to a year and then start in with the Newbie Routine but potentially ramp up quickly. Whether that will even work for you is hard to say but you’ve already thrown the kitchen sink at the problem and it really hasn’t worked out.

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Thanks for the response and I see and understand the error of my ways now. Also I have taken time off I’ve stopped for over a year now and want to get back in that’s why I’m looking for a workout to do.

Start with the Newbie Routine. If you are properly deconditioned this is an effective start point but a lot will depend on whether the strength you’ve added to your penis in your previous PEing is still there in any way. Give yourself 2 months of the Newbie Routine and then re-evaluate.

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