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Exercise to replace stretches

Exercise to replace stretches

My penis doesn’t seem to like that exercise that much, it always gives me a hard flaccid and loss of sensation when I jelq after doing it. I’m starting on the newbie routine, but I need something to replace it.

Can somebody help a fellow beginner here?

What the blink is a hard flaccid? That even exist?

STARTING STATS - 02/02/2015: BPEL 7.6 --- MEG 5.25 --- 5.25" with semi erection; but 5.16 MEG with 100% boner; BEG 5.47

CURRENT - 13/03/2015: I had to check a few times, but I'm pretty sure I got a genuine BPEL 7.8!! Will check girth again in a couple of weeks

GOAL: BPEL 8.50 --- MEG 5.5 --- BRING IT ON! (I've revised my goals for the time being; maybe I was being too ambitious too early on)

He is probably trying to say that his flaccid feels tough.

"Just jelq"

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