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Exercise timerest days vs light days

Exercise timerest days vs light days

Is it better to PE right before you sleep, when the body heals the most, or in the morning? Does it matter? Has anyone gained with no rest days (aside from bib) who do light PE exercises on those “rest days”?

I’ve been hanging (or trying to) with no rest days (trying to do it Bib’s way). I’ll have more to report in a few/several months. I just do an occasional light day (1-2x sets instead of 5-6x sets).

I do split sets lately, and I have noticed I heal pretty well in 12 hours. (if I hang morning, then night during a day, I can usually do my max weight, or some amount of increased weight at night).

Usually just 1 light day has the same effect as a rest day—the lack of fatigue allows me to heal & I am back at a higher maximum weight the next day.

I can’t think of any type of PE other than hanging where people don’t use rest days.

I left PE & came back due to injuries (not a PE injury, just a bedroom/wife thing). I gained .75” & lost it all, possibly due to repeated injuries, I am not sure. Stopping PE cold turkey definitely played a part in that. I have regained at least .5” so far (maybe more/maybe less). Not enough time has gone by yet, that’s why I don’t have much useful to report.

I know there was at least one guy hanging Bib’s way, but I haven’t seen him lately. I think he was doing a full 12x sets per day. I can’t recall his name… I would also like to know if the no-rest-days method was working for him or others.

Honestly hanging makes much more sense to me I don’t see why more people don’t look into it more than other forms of PE for length gains. Maybe we should stick with stuff that other people have already seen work for them rather than find out for ourselves? Idk but hanging just feels like it’ll give me the best length gains like I can feel the ligaments getting sore and healing and it just feels like it’s working but I don’t want to just waste time with no results that would not be a great feeling.

Messedupmind: that’s why I chose hanging. I had about the same train of thought.

I researched further into hanging & saw lots of guys getting results with it. Perhaps other methods make more sense to other people, but hanging made the most sense to me for length gains. This is why it has always been my #1 focus.

The base girth I have gained from hanging has been a nice bonus (I am really just trying to work for length, and I didn’t actually expect any girth changes from hanging). About 2/3 of hangers gain around .5” to 1” of base girth (sometimes more), while maybe 1/3 gain none at all. I don’t think anyone gains mid-shaft erect girth from hanging.

Today my wife was noticing my erect unit is looking a lot longer (my flaccid is too). All I am doing is hanging. I look forward to my next measurement check which I will do in a few weeks…

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