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Pretty dang excited to get started on this journey. I have been fascinated with this for over 15 years, long before it was “popular”. I was the unfortunate recipient of “bad genetics” . Seems like all first born sons in my family line are average or below, 5-6 erect, and the second born sons are in the 8 to 9 inch range when erect. I had read about the ability to gain by hanging in 2 different books well over 15 years ago. Both books had nothing to do with PE so I knew it wasn’t just a “hoax”. One book was about African crocodiles, and is the accounts of a crew of researchers what went deep into Africa looking for big crocodiles. Along the way they came across a village, and the first thing they noted was how enormous the men’s penis were. They said that the villagers would hang rocks from string from the kids penis’s for years to achieve this, and they watched little boys walking around with the rocks hanging. This took up about one paragraph of one chapter, and this was written in the 80’s, again nothing to do with PE. The next book I read about PE was called ” modern primitives” and is about body modification practices by different tribes etc. In a few paragraphs of one chapter a guy named “Fakir Musafar” is talked about. He was a guy that was doing all the body mods in America long before it was trendy in the 90’s. He talked about how he enlarged his penis from 6 to 9 1/2 inches, erect, from hanging weights. Ironically he mentioned the same tribe in Africa, for his “inspiration”. He showed how to make a simple “noose” style hanger, and a stool with a hole cut in it for sitting while hanging. Needless to say, I was very intrigued, and being that neither books focus was selling PE info, or even on PE, I believed it. Now we have all these great sites/forums which is awesome. I am very blessed to work from home so I have plenty of time to dedicate to this. I will be keeping good notes and photos , my penis it tattooed from the shoulders to the base in flames, so there is no way to “fake” results!

Nice a tattooed member I love it haha, good luck and welcome to thunders :)

December 1/11' (BPEL) 6.000 (MSEG) 4.550

April 16/12' (BPEL) 6.313 (MSEG) 4.875

Goal ?/? (BPEL) 8.000 (MSEG) 6.000

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