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Excess skin.

Excess skin.

Going into my 6th week now and have been noticing my skin is much looser and turtling quite a bit. Seems like my skin is being stretched.

Is this a precuursor to actual growth or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Start 6/12/13 BPEL 5.125 EG 4.5 BPFSL 5.75

What’s your current routine? Are you cut or uncut?

Assuming newbie and cut, it might be that you are pulling the skin at the base too much when you jelq and stretch. Think of the anatomy here, there is a tiny bit of skin at the base of the penis on top, below it is the scrotum, so the force you need to stretch this and gain big turkey neck problem is not much. Next session, think about that section of the penis skin all the way through. Try and figure out what you are doing to it.

Turtling is a different issue but you put them together. I’m trying to understand why.

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Thanks for the help.

I am doing a routine close to the newbie, except a little more stretching and a little less jelcs. I also do BTC stretches daily. Also a ton of kegels a day. I am also cut..

If I understand turtling correctly, it’s when your skin tries to cover your glans? If seems mine does quite a bit now, and when it isn’t, it seems my skin bunches up more below the glans than before.

I have been a 1/2 in gain in BPFSL and I believe a 1/4 in BPEL. No pain as I’m trying to take it easy until I’m better conditioned.

Thanks for any advice you may give me.

Start 6/12/13 BPEL 5.125 EG 4.5 BPFSL 5.75

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OK, so hopefully what I said before is pertinent.

Turtling is when the penis shrinks. Think of your penis after you’ve had a swim in cold water. That is turtling and it is a potentially an indication of overdoing PE.

You may not be using enough lube. As I said it’s really easy to stretch the skin and a lot harder to change the size of the tissue underneath. You may have to accept some skin stretching as a negative side effect of PE but it shouldn’t be excessive. Look at your technique and try to understand what you are doing with the skin.

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Thanks again Memento,

I took yesterday off and seemed better as day went on. Maybe I’ve been stretching too much. I might ease up on the stretch and start doing more jelcs. I’m pretty easy on the jelcs because it seems like an easy way to hurt yourself if you use too much pressure.

Any other advice is always welcomed.

Start 6/12/13 BPEL 5.125 EG 4.5 BPFSL 5.75

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