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Excess Foreskin from PE?

Excess Foreskin from PE?

I’ve been PEing for about 2 months now. My routine is a progression of the newbie routine and consists mainly of manual stretching and jelqing. In the past 2 months I’ve observed a definite increase in the amount of foreskin I have (I’m uncut). It’s not excessive, however, I was wondering if any other uncut PE’ers had experienced this and is the increase in skin going to continue?

Yeah, it’s bound to happen really. Now all you have to focus on is making your dick fit your foreskin!!

I’d always considered myself somewhat overblessed in the foreskin department, but once you start to get some gains it won’t really show, especially if you can get some decent flaccid gains. Just drink lots of water, I find that when I am dehydrated the first thing that happens is my cock turns into a big jabba the hut style lump of fleshy foreskn. Not a pretty sight.


Your foreskin will only stretch so that it isn’t the limiting factor for your penis lenght. If it’s the shortest tissue, ofcourse it’ll stretch. But if you are doing your stretching right (not stretching the skin) it shouldn’t keep growing.

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I have more prominent foreskin now than before I started PE, and I’m cut. When I get a raging woody there is no loose skin visible.

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I know the foreskin isn’t going to limit my growth. The problem I get is that when Jelqing, even at low intensity for short periods of time, I tend to get fluid buildup in my foreskin. The fluid buildup is especially present in the frenulum area. So when I’m flaccid I think that area of the foreskin is stretching and I appear to have too much foreskin. I don’t believe it is caused by improper stretching but instead due to fluid buildup stretching the skin in that area (the tip of the foreskin). Anyone else heard of anything like that?

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