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Is you are under 21 can you start these. How young can you be to start these?

I would definitely say go ahead and start. I’m 22 and I have no problems. There are many members here in that 18-25 age range who recommend PE. It’s certainly not uncommon to here a lot of the vets on the site say, “Man, I wish I would of heard of PE when I was 21.”

Just take your time, do a lot of reading, follow the newbie routine for a month or so and then make adjustments as you see fit. PE is as safe as you make it.

Good luck!


How far under 21 is you?

I’m only 18 and found out about this site just last year and did some stuff on and off and I have to say I’ve had some pretty fair gains

and I’m still looking getting back into it full time now, and am trying to figure out what gives most people their gains faster than what.

hanging, or just manual jelqing ect. Any advice? btw starting at 17, I had no problems =o

I never really measured, but I can tell a tad difference as did my gf

I started in my late 17’s now I turned 18. I was just wondering if it did could do anything if you still we’re growing.

I started pulling my pud when I was 2. :)

I started actually at 19, and I wish, I had knew before of this.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

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