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Exactly HOW do you reverse kegel

Exactly HOW do you reverse kegel

I want to know with great detail the way to perform the reverse kegel. I have searched for the exact way to do it, and to my knowledge the way to do it is to sort of flex your lower abdomen.

Can anyone detail to me the way to do the reverse kegel, for stamina during sex. Thanks in advance!

You do a reverse kegel when you force piss out. You can also do it without peeing of course.


It may cause you to fart. But hey don’t do it in public.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Yeah, my apologies. I found that post right after I posted this one. I was just being lazy, and wanted a quick answer. I expect to learn a way to trick myself out of performance anxiety, which I have somewhat learned how to do already.

Practice makes perfect. Plus - talk to your partner and let her understand and help (or she might think it’s her fault).

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