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Ex GF could never feel anything. Long Read. Appreciate any insight.


Ex GF could never feel anything. Long Read. Appreciate any insight.

Here we go..

My size insecurities all started a couple years ago when I took my now ex-gf’s virginity, I was also a virgin. After putting on the condom and putting it in, she said “is it in yet” .. All I could think is.. WTF How could she not feel anything?

After this, we continued to have sex for years until our eventual break up (not sex related) — we tried all positions, and the only one where she would feel anything is her on her stomach, ass arched from behind where I could penetrate the deepest, but still, she would barely get anything from it. This didn’t interfere much with our sex life because she was easily stimulated with her clit, which would result in easy multiple orgasms if I would stimulate it while fcking her.

But I never understood why she didn’t receive any pleasure from penetration alone. I remember quite clearly I insisted we try her on top and she became frustrated and said “ugh why don’t I feel anything?” Quite the ego downer.

Faster forward to being single, my confidence sexually is out the window. It’s been months and have not slept with a woman since her, although I’ve had the opportunity to sleep with a new woman at least 15 times. After foreplay I would say I’m too drunk to fuck or something along those lines. Pathetic, but I just can’t fathom having another female “not being able to feel me.”

So here’s the kicker, I am NBEL 6.75” Length, 5” -5.1” Girth .. BPEL 7” .. Straight out with a Downward curve like a banana

I always thought her lack of feeling anything was my size, which led me to Thunder’s, but after researching it seems I’m average or even above? How could she not have any pleasure?

Maybe it is my size and she is just a size queen? But you’d think she’d still feel something being she was a virgin.

The only other explanation I can come up with is there wasn’t enough friction because she was so wet. She was very sexually inclined, definitely the wettest girl I’ve ever done anything sexual with. Could this really be the cause? I need to know an answer so I can finally get enough confidence to know I can actually pleasure a woman with penetration. It’s ruining my life.

Does anyone have an explanation?

Well, maybe your ex had insanely thick inner vagina skin, resulting in her not being able to “feel anything”?

Seriously, dude, your penis is probably all right. Nothing to worry about. At 7x5 you will most certainly give women pleasure.
Take my advice - the next time you have the chance to have sex, just give it all you got and try not to think about your penis size :)

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It is very weird, you’re average in girth and above average in length, you’ve nothing to worry about though I understand why you’re worried of the next experience.

Try to do a one night stand with a girl you barely know and you’ll see, it was NOT your problem if your ex didn’t feel anything.

Stan, go ahead, try it with another girl and you will succeed, trust me. You and your ex were just not matching down there, it was not your problem, and not hers either, things just don’t work sometimes. Believe me, you can cause plenty of pleasure with that size! Also, try such positions where you can hit the G-spot area - I am not sure, what positions work for that having a downward curve, but maybe you can find something on this in the forums, or someone with a downward curve might give you some advice.

You got a good size. Your ex may have had an issue with sensation down there regardless of size.

Yeah, don’t let it ruin your life. She may have had problems down there, but most of all she was sexually inexperienced. I’m smaller than you and I have no problems at all and I’m sure she didn’t even mean it negatively on your end by saying is it in yet. I’m going to guess shes somewhat young and doesn’t understand how the words she chooses would affect you.

You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to be ashamed of with your size. In fact, if I was you I’d be walking around swinging it around with a girl every chance I got. That size would make me feel like a king. I also have a downward curve too and doggy style is awesome with it. That might be why she felt the most on her stomach. The downward curve (although I hate it) rubs against their G spot with doggy style. Works great. But again, don’t give your size another thought with this. I’m just joking about this and hope this doesn’t give you another hang up, but I would say your skill would come into question before your size. And that’s most likely not it either. Have fun with another girl and I’m sure you’ll get your confidence back instantly. Any girl will feel a 5+ girth entering their pussy. And that you have the 7” of length to boot you won’t have a problem. Trust me. Go enjoy now.

Did you always wear a condom? In my experience it might significantly reduce the feeling of penetration, also for the woman. I’ve also hade the experience that condoms doesn’t matter much for the womans stimulation. I guess it might vary.

Guessing that you didn’t always wear a condom it might be that she had a real physical problem, or a mental one that stopped her from getting excited enough. The most rare explanation would be that she had a large vagina. Believing that you would have noticed that too, and taking your size into account i would judge it even more unlikely.

I’ve been with girls that primarily responds to clitoris stimulation. I’ve been so lucky as to test this theory, and it doesen’t seem to change if larger playtoys are introduced to the act. I’ve then judged this to be a physical problem, or as I thought of it, challenge :) I’ve also been with some virgins and very inexperienced girls and I learned that in a lot of instances it may take a while before they get comfortable enough to actually let go and enjoy the moment. It would be like if a man was extremely nervous, although this would probably make his penis flaccid, one could imagine a situation where it was erect (women do not have this defense for anxiety). On could then imagine (or relate to experience), that stimulation applied to the penis in a large degree would have been blocked by the anxiety and the stress level. “How to make a woman comfortable with sex”, is as large as any other scientific field so I guess human intuition is my best solution.

The friction created when using a condom may also block stimulation if the woman isn’t lubricated properly. You could find your skin/condom sticking so that most of the sliding that leads to stimulation is hindered.

Anyways, pile my opinion of that it is not a problem and you got a good size on top of the others.

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Well bro , All people comes with different minds , different way of thinking , Different body and look , And for sure different parts , So my friends let me make it easy for you , Every woman I slept with Told me I’m the king of bed , I do what most can’t , The minimum foreplay is 1 hour , I literally have sex for hours without cumming , One woman out of all , Told me I’m small and she feels nothing much , and look at my girth!! But she doesn’t feel anything much , So the issue here is she was huge down there , She literally inserted a bottle of deodorant inside her vagina , And this bottle was almost 7 inches girth , Did it felt bad Hell no , Did she effected me by saying your small , Hell no , Because I knew she has an issue down there and she want to blame it on me , So let them wash their dirty clothes not give it to us , Don’t worry bro , there is nothing wrong with you , I’m almost like you in length , And trust me 7 inches is max for most girls , In my experience Most girls can only take 7 inches , And after 7 you will face the ouch no no please stop , Which is pretty annoying for us first , Because you each the time that you just want to reach her shut the fuck up button :D , So Welcome to PE , First take it for your Penis health , Learn more technique in sex , To make your sexual life better , Have a good luck .

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Yeah this is a case of ‘fuck your issues away’, you have a very good size no need to worry at all sometimes you just have some shitty luck in this world, that’s all. May the other vagina’s be tight as fuck.

Go to the bar, pick up a chick, take her home and fuck her. If she doesnt feel anything, then viking is right, you have shitty luck :) You aint gonna find many girls that don’t like 7x5. If it makes you feel better, she is gonna a much harder time filling that numb hole of hers then you will find a chick thinks your’re a god with that size.

Good luck

Newsflash your above average by a decent amount. Maybe she was fucking LOOSE. Get back out there.

-_- you are kinda big your girth is a bit bigger than mine and my lenght is a bit large, and actually my couples said “thats big” and I hit several times something called in spanish “vaginal wall” :\

La meta es 19 Largo x 14 grueso

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Whynot, periods bro. No space between the last letter of the last word in the sentence and the period. A space between the period and the first letter in the next sentence. :)

:D I felt bad for him , Really I forgot you know , Just need a bit time to get used to it .

My apology bro

Start July 07 2011 = Length 6.5 Girth 5.3 ---> 07 / May / 2012 = NBPEL 7 In / BEG 6.2.5 In / MEG 5.8

Goal : All the way --- And no this is not my photo :D


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