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Ex GF could never feel anything. Long Read. Appreciate any insight.


Dude, believe us when we say it: 7x5 is GOOD TO GO. You shouldn’t let sexual experiences with ONE woman fuck up your evaluation of your own sexual performance.

As the other posters have said, she probably got friendly with a cucumber, or she was pretty wide down there. Hell, you said she was a virgin. What are the chances that she knows anything about kegeling?

You could literally fuck your problems away. Give yourself another chance with AT LEAST 5 other women, and see how you stack up. In the end, you’ll see that you’re experiencing penis anxiety for nothing.

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Stan, I can understand your insecurities, but you have a really decent size penis. But since you are sexually inexperienced, you don’t know yet that as there are different sizes of penises, so there are vaginas. You and your ex just weren’t a good match. it’s not your fault, nor is it hers.

You see my friend, when you’ve been around a bit, you stop putting the pussy on a pedestal. You are frustrated and scared that you won’t be able to satisfy a girl. Thinking about your partner’s pleasure is a good thing, but it puts a lot of pressure on you. You just need to relax, and start having sex. You know, not every sexual encounter is good. Some are lousy, some are great, but some are also average. Don’t dwell on it.

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS

Or have been really friendly with Mr. Cucumber.



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Bro again I will give you a tip , I already explained to you that it’s not you , But if you have small girth , Do the following .

If your having intercourse , And your partner get really excited , Do this position , Lay down on your back , She will be on top , Center your self that your hand can reach her vagina , And enter one finger under the her ass hole , And stretch it upward , While your penetrating her , She will love it , Go slow until things heat up , Then stretch harder , Remember it’s not the unit it’s you .

I already posted a threat on how you make your partner orgasm hard , Have a good time bro.

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