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Every other day?

Every other day?

Between a wife, three kids, spending 50 hours a week and trying to fit in some work outs it would fit my schedule better if I did the beginers routine every other day…instead of two on and one off. Would this totally blow the effectiveness of the routine or would I still be able to see some gains?



>Would this totally blow the effectiveness of the routine or would I still be able to see some gains? <

Well it’s hard to say until you try it. If you really can’t do 2 on 1 off, then every other day is better than nothing. Do a search for ‘stealth PE’, that might give you some ideas for dick pulling in secret. Do piss pulls too, 2-3 30 second manual stretches whenever you take a piss. Please use a cubicle…


I gained 0.89” EL in my first 4 - 4.5 months of PE with every-other-day sessions. It worked great for me (especially for girth).

Why did I change?

Who the hell knows?

I know of at least on PEer that swears by it. Problem is, we’re all physiologically different. So what works for one guy won’t do a damned thing for someone else.

Like SS4 says, “it’s hard to say until you try it.” Good luck, bro.


Iron, I use a split routine that I decided to give a try. I am 42 yrs old, and have been working out with weights for so long I don’t remember when I started. I’ve used a split routine in lifting because it let’s me work out and isolate given areas of my body, for more and longr sets. By splitting like that I have always seen better than the everyother day hitting all body parts gains when I started lifting. So I’m applying the same to me PE. I jelq a min of 800 reps p/day up to 1200 as time allows. I use the capn ‘s wench for ADS, 2 days on one day off, never on Sundays. Hope this gives you other options.

Thanks for all the great feedback! I am glad to hear that every-other-day may be effective. Adding piss pulls also sound like a interesting idea.

As I was reading everyone’s replies, it crossed my mind that the smart thing for me to do would probably be to do what would give me the quickest results. I know when I started lifted weights and saw the results in the mirror, I was hooked. My guess is that would be the same with this. It sounds like maybe the thing to do is to just force myself make time for a while. If I can see results pretty quickly, it will be reinforcing. If that happens, I KNOW I will continue to find time!

What do you all think would give the quickest results…without pulling the damn thing off in the process that is. :)

Jelqing and stretching :D , just try the 2 on and 1 off, and if you cant find time, then do 1 on and 1 off, or maybe 1 on 1 off 2 on 1 off 1 on 1 off 2 on 1 off, or whenever you have time like that.. but try to make a schedule and stick to it.

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Iron, if your stick is pretty decent in length already I’ve read here and my wife seems to back it up, that girth really hits the spot and it’s the easiest gain.

Started with a 7.25 boner X 5.1/6 in Dec. Girth now 5.1/8, haven’t checked the boner since that usually true with my wife right in front of me and she don’t measure. However the other night she made a coment never made before that it felt like I was reaching her spine, so I think something is working


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