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Ever been caught in the act?


Ever been caught in the act?

Has anyone ever been caught in the act of jelqing?

Maybe not Jelqing, but PEing in general

Here is a great caught in the act thread.

I personally have never been caught. However at my last job, I worked the night shift alone, and I did have one of the morning guys come in an hour early while I was in the middle of a hanging session. Luckily, I had a screw hook drilled in the bottom of my cubicle desk for my fulcrum so you couldn’t see what was actually going on under the desk. I nicely asked him to get the lights (which the switch for was on the complete other side of the gigantic room), so while he was gone to turn them on, I quickly undid my hanger and pulled up my pants. Was a close call though. I was really glad I kept the lights off that night.

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This is me in case you ever want to know what kind of psycho you're dealing with.

I thought you were! Damn your topic wording!

In anycase I might have I don’t remember. Sometimes I do stretches and jelqs in the morning without opening my eyes. This one time I thought I kept the bed room door open when I was spending the night with family. The door was closed the next morning, so WHO KNOWS!

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I so far have never been caught in the act of jelqing, Sorry for my wording Siam guy, it’s just that I have had too many damn English classes.I guess.

Perhaps someday I will be caught in the act by some gorgeous chick and then we can get something go’n.


Nope, never been caught in the act. I do hate the fact that the baby oil has been decreasing and that and Vaseline leaves a distinct smell after you use it.

Try coco butter,

Coco butter stinks worse than Vaseline. I really didn’t think Vaseline smelled all that much but if so maybe try using scent free or fragrance free lotion.

Never been caught, jelq on wood.

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I use “Slippery Stuff”

It’s a water-based, sexual lubricant you can by at any sex store.

$10 lasts me 3 months and it leaves no smell or stains.

Whom, sounds good I wonder if you can get it in the states

try any of the water based lubricants.. KY or store brand. It has a little odor, but it dissipates fast and dries pretty fast too. No oily clean up. Pretty cheap, too.

But your suppose to you an oil based lubricant to do PE or you may cause a friction burn, at least thats what iv’e been told. Use un-scented vasoline.

Another hanging story.

Caught Hanging

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thats a funny story, Anyone else out there want to share there caught in the act tale?

I’ve gotten alot of knock’s at the bathroom door with the “What are you doing in there?” yell.

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