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Ethnic and lifestyle relations with PE

Ethnic and lifestyle relations with PE

Hello everyone, I am quite a freshman on PE, and as it deals with my valuable sex health, I am reading A LOT about it, before starting something(actually, jelqing and kegels are starting to make part of my routine, but I can’t officially say I am exercising).

Well, something I am curious about is a statistical relationship between Ethnies and gains: which are, based on facts, the ethnies that have more likeability to have greater gains? Which are less likely?

Also, taking as data the lifestyle(as a drinker, as a smoker), and health issues (like some problems who could or couldn’t interfere on the success of a PE).

Sorry if I’m bullshitting, but I just want to take those opinions as references, as you may know that when it comes to an interference to your body, every information is welcome.

Thank you guys.

Hi Upgrade. As far as I know, there isn’t any relation between ethnicity and gains. There are many (too many, actually) threads on ‘ethnicity/race and size’, but the specific topic of gains and ethnical groups isn’t that popular. All I can say is that there are big gainers who are both black and whites, some hawaiian (or redneck) too if I’m not wrong; Asians don’t post alot, so we really don’t know.

The other issues are object of a number of threads, actually : for example, a thread about smoking and gains is active right now.

I think the key is dedication and consistency, doing it right (not too much or too little) and making it a part of your lifestyle. Everyone is different and will see different results. As a good gainer I can only say that PE has worked for me.


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