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Establishing the Head-To-Head Connection

Establishing the Head-To-Head Connection


This thread is not for those with low PE-Awareness*!
If you are one of those people, you will find this thread silly, and I urge you to leave right here, right now!
Also, I would like to point out that this is NOT a form of a joke, and up until now I haven’t had the “guts” to write
all of this, but I believe this to be my secret to success. So I would appreciate not being ridiculed for it.


Lately I have read a lot about how newbies, and even those with more experience than me, complain that
they just can’t seem to gain anything. The problem could well be your inability to talk to your unit.

Let me begin by saying that I am also a newbie here. But my results have been incredible, today, after only 2 and
something months of PE I gained an incredible 0.45” length and 0.4” girth. My routine has been nothing special, a
Newbie Routine, with warm wraps and Kegels. The only “supplement” I have used was a lube for jelqs. And I just
stole cooking oil from the kitchen for that purpose.

I do not claim to be the first to suggest the importance of the Mind-Penis communication but I do believe I am the
first one to develop an actual technique to try and achieve this kind of connection. A lot of seniors here wrote
about this, but I always felt it didn’t

So please, try and bear with me, and however silly you might find this, try not to judge it too soon.

H2HC** technique:

In just a few rather simple steps, I will try and give you a way to start talking to your penis. Some steps will sound
rather silly, dumb and/or unnecessary, but I assure you, what I am suggesting does make sense. This technique
requires a strong will and a very fertile imagination. Oh, and… This isn’t exactly the thing you should be over self-
conscious and be ashamed of the things you may say or do in private. Try it before you mock it!

1. Personalize your penis
I know how this must sound, but in order to insure a true emotional bound between your best friend and yourself,
for me it is necessary to make him more human-like.

First thing you should do is to name him. By giving him a name, you acknowledge his humanity, and you are doing
the first step towards building him his own identity.

Secondly, stop referring to him as “it”. When building an image of him in his mind do not use terms such as “my dick”,
“my cock”, “the little guy” etc. No, use his NAME and do not associate him in any way to any object.

Thirdly, build him a unique character, and DO NOT use yourself as a starting point. He has to be a unique entity.
That is very important for the next step.

2. Establishing a dialog
Although I can imagine how stupid this must sound, but this step is actually the most important one. You need to
get to know your unit. The easiest way to do that is, when you have enough privacy, to take your clothes off, and
try and imagine talking to him as if talking to another person.

Since your biggest obstacle will be your mind telling you that you are not mentally well for even considering this, you
need to try and “break the ice”. Try casual talk and, if you think it will help, imagine his “responses”.

You can try some fun activities, like shooting empty cans down with your pee, or trying to Kegel him in the air. The
important thing is to “interact” with him until your mind creates a certain sympathy towards him. And than, by
thinking it is an actual person with actual feelings, you two will find more in common, and eventually create a bond.

3. Treat him as a child or a pet
Now, the important thing is, after completing first to steps is to remember what I will say now. Do not treat him as a
friend, or someone who runs your life, nor has any direct influence on it. Remember, you are doing this to get him to
be in shape and as healthy as possible.

So, it’s a good idea to see him as a child or a pet (if you prefer animals over children). Why is that, you might ask?
Well, it’s simple, he need’s boundary’s or he might start controlling your life. The point of all this is to create a bond
to better control him, not the other way around.

By thinking as a fatherly figure, you will be more prone to take better care of it, and become more sensible to it’s
needs, pain and potential. And remember, your “kid” (or pet) has needs and a wish for attention.

So, when it needs to “have fun”, get a room and masturbate. When he’s cold, do a warm wrap. When it’s time for
his workouts, make him do his best at the most he is capable of. If he misses sex, do your best to satisfy his wish.

Possible results:

Although, you will probably think of yourself as crazy until you manage to convince yourself it is good for your dick,
it is the only bad side effect of this technique.

If done right, you will:
- have a bigger need to take care of your dick
- be more careful while doing PE
- probably get better results because you will know how far to push him
- you will be more consistent
- will be more proud of every little gain or better performance you get
- probably have more fun while being alone and bored

So, I hope I did a good job here explaining. Didn’t want to go to much in detail, to minimize the reader drop-out rate.
Any comments, critics etc. are welcome, but please, try not to make fun of this, it wasn’t very easy for me to post
this. Also, I hope I don’t get the credit if someone else thought of something like this sooner.

Enjoy and I wish you great gains!

*It’s hard for me to describe what I mean when saying PE-Awareness, but to put it easily,
it is the level of maturity about the idea of PE and penis sizes.
Here are some symptoms to help you understand:

- Your first reaction to seeing an undersized penis is to give your support and advice
- You understand that penis size is over-rated in today’s community
- You are aware of how your tool is sensible to injury
- You know basics of PE and understand the importance of penile health
- You tend to be consistent in your routine

- You overestimate the importance of having a “big cock”
- You refuse to believe that less IS sometimes more
- You have a recent history of overtraining or injuring yourself
- You tend to make a connection between your ego and your penis size
- You haven’t (yet) taken the time to try and read about as much as you can on PE issues

**H2HC, or Head-To-Head Connection is the term I use for the 3 step technique in creating
a bond between one’s brain and his penis

I’m probably the type to think this thread is silly. All the power to you nonetheless.

I'm consistent in spurts, but gains are undeniable!

2007: BPEL 5.5" / MSEG 4.7" / BG 5.5"

2017: BPEL 6.8" / MSEG 5.3" / BG 6"

Originally Posted by hopeful2hanglow
I’m probably the type to think this thread is silly. All the power to you nonetheless.

The technique IS silly. But, it’s the only way I could think to help those who are having trouble “talking” with their dick.

I talk to my asshole it gives me better bowel movements

Goal: 8.5x6.5

Not really silly at all, imho.

You’re brave for putting your views out there.

4. If you hear your penis answering to your questions, go to the nearest Doc.

Interesting idea, since we share a similar taste in television shows, I’ll have to give this a shot ;)

one month in (as of 02/12/09): 8.15" BPEL, 7.4" NBPEL, 5.6"EG, (5"-6.5" varying) FL, 4.75" FG, Height: 6'1", Weight: 190 lbs.

Currently (as of 04/3/09): 8.50" BPEL, 7.6" NBPEL, 5.7"EG, (5.5"-7" varying) FL, 4.75" FG, Height: 6'1", Weight: 175 lbs. (final semester of Computer Science > Gym :( )

Goals (in the next 6 months): 8.60" BPEL, 7.8" NBPEL, 6" EG, 7" FL, 5" FG, (still hopefully 6'1"), Weight: 200 lbs.

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