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Errr discharge

Errr discharge

Hey guys id just like a little bit of advice..

I’m basically doing the newbie routine and then for the rest of the day trying to keep myself hard or at least semi erect to keep my penis stretched and full of blood..
Today is my day 2 of 2 on 1 off, yesterday I did some edging without coming and today was keeping myself erect. When I noticed I had a small bead of discharge looked a little milky, but I wasn’t masturbating hard enough for it to be pre-cum, I can’t see this being an sti as I had a test just before xmas (but I hear sti’s can lay dormant)..

Anyone have any ideas?

With the constant stimulation thro jelqing and edging and no ejaculation since sunday could it just be some prostate fluid/pre-cum or should I go get a check up?

Gratefull for any replies..
Ill keep a close eye for any other discharge!

Start Feb 09: BPEL = 7", EG = 5"

Goal Aug 09: BPEL = 7.5", EG 5.25"

Chances are its pre cum. If you are not experiencing pain or discomfort of some kind then I doubt if its any thing serious. If you feel strongly about this, go see a doc, won’t hurt anything.

Just a suggestion here, I know how easy it is to get to typing and forget to hit the shift key for little things like i instead of I, and sti’s instead of STI’s, but a few of the mods here can get really anal about this crap and it isn’t worth getting yelled at, honest. I always run spell check, and I’m usually pretty good at spelling. But it helps me proof read my post before submitting and that way you can catch those little things.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Sounds like some pre cum to me, but I’m not doctor. As sunshinekid said, if it concerns you enough go see a doctor.

As above it’s more than likely pre cum. I get it when I edge

Thanks guys, well it’s my day off tomorrow tomorrow so ill keep the erections to a minimum and see if there’s any discharge for tomorrow.
Sunshinekid, I had chlamydia in my teens and never knew I had it!! I only knew when my girlfriend came back positive, we still don’t know who gave it who, foolish days. I’ve been pretty conscious about any and all sexual contact since and have been for several tests, last one coming back negative for everything.

And ill watch my posts in the future Sunshinekid sorry to any mods in advance.

Start Feb 09: BPEL = 7", EG = 5"

Goal Aug 09: BPEL = 7.5", EG 5.25"

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