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Erecton problems when stretching

Erecton problems when stretching


I’m having trouble doing the simple manual stretches because I get an erection and cannot do them for the full length (not longer than like a miniute or I get hard) and I’m also wondering how flacid do you have to be for them to work correctly?


Umm, here is a direct answer, the reason you get erect is because your penis associates your hands with orgasm. Once you stop masterbating so much and/or build a mental block it will go away.

Yeah, I tried that (like I didn’t masturbate for like 4 days) , but the longer I wait, then It actually gets harder to do the exercises. I can’t seem to keep from getting erect and I want to stretch, but I can only do it for like a minute. I actually am resorting to Jelquing for my length gains instead of trying to stretch because you can Jelq when you are semi erect, but I don’t know how I can stretch without getting erect? I think part of the problem is I’m 18 years old and being young, you know, it’s easier to get hard quicker.

Any more ideas?

Try jerkin’ the gerkin’ 2 hours before working out. You’ll be less sensitive for your workout allowing you to do some good stretching. After weeks, maybe months of practice, you’ll be able to workout without whacking off beforehand.

Originally Posted by slackjawedyokel
Or years… . .

Usually doens’t take longer than a few months. There are probably some extreme cases out there.

Originally Posted by slackjawedyokel
I was joking. I would HOPE it didnt take that long for anyone… . :(

It actually does for some.

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