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Erections while stretching

Erections while stretching

I literally just started doing manual stretches 2 days ago. This is my second day, and I’ve been using a rice sock to warm up my dick tissue before doing 2 sets of “up, down, left and right” manual stretches. I’ve also only masturbated twice in the past two weeks, which is an incredible improvement from my norm.

Anyway, I’ll assume I’m stretching properly, because I watched the videos of manual stretching, and I calibrate the strength I use in the stretch according to how the stretch feels. I know I’m not overworking it.

Now I’m not sure if I should consider this a problem or not, but when I put the rick sock on my flaccid dick, it feels really good and I get hard relatively quickly. I have to work to get it down and consciously relax, and sometimes this exceeds the 5 minutes of heating, so I am left unable to stretch because my dick is filled with blood. It eventually goes back down, but it still remains somewhat filled with blood.

Does this normally happen to you guys when stretching?
It’s probably hormones because I’m only 18 and have a subconscious desire to fuck anything that moves (or doesn’t move. :P)

Is there a way that I can prevent my dick from becoming fully erect while I’m doing PE?


Stand up when doing the stretches and after awhile your dick will know the difference between PE time and play time.

I got the same problems when I stretched it’s really annoying eh? If you keep at it hopefully it will eventually go away as your dick gets used to the distinction between masturbating and excercising it. Something I would recommend is to use face cloth dipped in hot water as your warm up. There’s a thread somewhere here about using a warm wrap that’s beneficial.

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Are you cut or uncut ? I think that doing sex or masturbating more often, taking your age in cosideration is ok and you can then focus on PE. Try to do some stretching in front of the TV or the internet which could take your mind off what you’re doing.

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