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Erections standing up

Erections standing up

Whenever I stand up my erections usually disappear pretty quickly. Has anybody encountered this before? Sometimes I can make it last but not usually. I’m thinking blood flow my be an issue since my feet fall asleep alot and what not

It could be more of a mental problem, if you’re refering to a situation in which you’re sitting down and get a boner, that you want to measure. You then stand up and your erection goes away.

And yes, it could be a blood flow issue.

Checking your blood-flow isn’t that difficult or expensive.

Yeah, I have the same issue, I’ve kinda had it for several years and I’m in my early 30’s. Seems like when I was younger it was not an issue.

Recent Dr visits in the last few years have shown my blood pressure creeping up, but not to the “need to take action” level.

I think much is in the brain. The best erection is the excitement erection. Not the stimulated erection. Almost for me!

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