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Erections seems to be more 'compact'

Erections seems to be more 'compact'


I’m an on-off PE’er, and I’ve been doing the newbie routine for probably JUST under a month now, maybe a month exactly, and am reaching the 10 min stretches and 30 min jelqs. However, I have noticed a strange habit in my gains. When I am sitting down, or my penis is partially flaccid, both my EL and BPEL are about an inch longer than when I am standing up and have a full boner. It almost seems like when I stand up the ligs are pulling my penis back inside so it’s very tight and a fair bit shorter. For example, my penis length during and after jelqing are noticeably larger than when it’s fully erect, before or after jelqing. But the worst part is, I am actually SHORTER than I was before, since jelqing has made my EQ a lot harder, it’s also created this kind of tugback when I do have a full boner.

This is kind of annoying me, because although at times I seem to have made gains, where it really matters I am losing length. I have done two days of V stretches now, wondering if maybe I should be working on the tunica instead, but even that itself doesn’t quite seem to explain what’s happened.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks, Dozed.

NOTE: Forgot to mention, I am by far one of the smaller guys here and my situation is like this: When erect sitting down I am getting around 4-4.5” EL, and BP can be anywhere betwen 4.5-5” EL, however, when standing up, my ligs seem to tighten somehow, and I can actually end up with a solid stump of a 3” EL penis!! It’s like it’s going back inside me as I get harder. I almost feels like when I standing up, the angle of my ligs going down towards my gooch/prostate kind of gets pulled inwards I guess, but more so when I get properly hard.

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Hi Dozed,

Do you take rest days? With 10 min stretches and 30 min jelqing you should take some rest days to let your penis recover. If you don’t take rest days, it might toughen your penis (make it harder) than lengthening it (which is your primarily goal).

I think when you are sitting down, your fat pad is flatten out more and your view is much better. Most people find measurement is better while sitting down. When you stand up, extra weight/fat drops due to gravity. So visually it will look smaller.

Have you tried measuring bone-pressed by pulling your erected penis away from your body? I assume you have a very high erection angle (11 o’clock). So if you pull your unit to (9 o’clock) angle, and do a bone-pressed measurement, the ruler should read similar to the measurement done while sitting down.

Another thing is increased erection angle will make your penis look a bit smaller. This is why many porn stars have a rather low erection angle which appears much bigger.

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