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Erections no longer straight

Erections no longer straight

Hi there, I just joined Thunders and I have been lurking all day reading the ways of PE.

In the past I have just masturbated, and I noticed my erections are no longer straight. What is the easiest way to fix this. Thanks!

Welcome smokie. Some say jelqing against the curve can, over time, fix slight curves. Major ones are more difficult to straighten. Here is a search for “jelq AND curve” which will give you the threads containing both words. Not all of them address the issue, but you can select from the list the ones that seem promising.

Vamcpiver. Is that anywhere near Voctproa? :D Fingers on the wrong keys! Thanks for putting something in your Location. :)

I have the same problem smokie. Jelqing does help straighten it a little, but be sure when you jelq against the curve you are bending it on the same plane. Sometimes you may accidentally jelq it a bit differently because of the way you grasp penis, and that isn’t as effective. I on the other hand, am screwed. Mine is curved to the left and the whole penis is slightly twisted to the left as well. :(

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