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Erection while jelq

Erection while jelq

I keep getting erections while I’m jelqing. I know you need one to jelq but you should only be 60%-80% erect but I’m fully erect at 100% Does anybody else have this problem or know how to prevent it? Thanks.

Maybe if you try to do edging or an intense kegel routine before jelquing, so you tire your penis a bit.

I think your penis will be a bit less sensitive after jelqing for some time. I used to have the same problem as you, but now am exactly the opposite — I can’t maintain the erection while jelqing. :confused:

I have the same problem too, and it’s all in my head. Distraction keeps my erection level at about 80% - still high, but under control. I watch TV or listen to music to get myself in “jelq-mode”.

If it’s a physiological problem in your case, I’d follow the advice that Chicken gave.

Jelq at a lover erection level, and when you think it is getting to high lay off for a while for it to subside and then continue.

When I’m getting a little too hard I’ll start throwing in the odd reverse jelq, grab before the glans and go down. It works pretty good for me.

Many vets will tell you “think of your grandma”, it surely helps. :chuckle:

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Just simply wait it out. Or you can even pinch the inside of your thigh kinda hard.

Thanks. I’m gonna try these techniques and see how they are.

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