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Erection when stretching?

Erection when stretching?

I have a hard time to stop my erection when stretching.. Is it dangerous to stretch with a 10-20% erect penis?

No, it is not dangerous to stretch with 10-20% erection.

Is there any erection level where it is dangerous to stretch?

I would also like to know..

I find that when I do my stretches, my penis starts to become involuntary erect.I’m not thinking of ANYTHING sexual but the stretching gets me semi-erect and I sometimes find myself waiting for it to subside before I continue.

I don’t think it’s possible stretch with anything over 40%.

Strangely whenever I do upward stretch I will start to have erection, where else stretching other directions I don’t have

Anyway, I usually kegel to subsides the erection… you guys can try it.

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