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Erection when jelqing


Originally Posted by john william
How does jelqing the head make it burst into pieces. Be specific please. I’m trying to go back over any posts and information I find but I’m not too good on the computer and sometimes find it difficult to return to something I read but did not post in. I really do want to learn the safest most efficient techniques but even on this site I read differing opinions and don’t know enough to make informed decisions with out asking for input over and over. Thanks.

Ill try and explain that quick. Imagine a stretchable tube that is closed at one end. Now assume that you fill liquid in the tube, grip the open end shut and move your hand in such a fashion that the liquid travels to the shut side of the tube. Now what is happening is that the liquid is exerting pressure in all directions on the tube. Common sense would tell you that there is a limit to how much the tube can expand at any time. At certain pressure the tube cant bear it as the liquid has nowhere to go.

Apply the same principal to your dick. When you jelq, what you are doing is rushing the blood through the length of the dick. As you move your hand (stroke,jelq) more blood is forced towards the glan. From the above example we know that there is a limit to how much the tube can stretch. Right? Now that the blood is concentrated at the Glan and being told at thunders that you got to maintain a firm grip, I assume that you will do so. Hence, running your hand with tight grip over your glan will increase pressure in the glan. What happens when you have pressure that your dick cant bear. It goes BOOM!. I mean there is a huge potential to get injured for a newbie.

Hope this helps.
Was This short & quick as i intended it to be?:)

Walk slowly but never backwards.

Guys, thank-you for the info about going up to the glan and not over it.I don’t get many red spots if at all. Also, I don’t get the bad soreness I use to get when I went over the glan. Thanks again for the help.

Thanks also. It took me a while to understand what those little numbers (12) meant. I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions.


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