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Erection Strength

Erection Strength

I stopped P.E ing after a month of on and off and have now started again with a proper routine and regular regime:
5 min warm up
10 stretches
300 jelqs

After 3 workouts my penis does not seem to have the same erection strength as it did before the first workout. Is it tired or overworked? How long will it take to recover? Is this problem normal? Has it ever happened to you?

Cut down on your jelks some and see what happens. Instead of 300, try 100. Then on your next day do 110. Then the next day, add 5 or 10 more. Once you are “conditioned” as we say in the PE Biz, you will be able to sustain a longer workout, without losing erecile strength.



Also if you are trying to get it up shortly after working out you may struggle. This is because PE causes small amounts of damage to your cock, which heal bigger and stronger. It’s the same as trying to move furniture after a couple of hours down the gym, your body needs time to recover.

Try to see if you can get a good hard stiffy 4-5 hours after PEing. If you PE in the morning, test in the evening, if you PE in the evening, test it in the morning.


Yea, cut down on the workout until you’re conditioned. Now, my erections are rock hard even when I hit the girth hard that day

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