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Erection Size

Let's try this question again

So, when I go from flaccid to erect my penis grows 4-4.5 inches. Now if my flaccid size grows an inch bigger, will my erection still grow 4-4.5 inches, or will it only grow 3-3.5 inches now because my flaccid size is an inch bigger?

Not in my experience. My flaccid length increased pretty quickly (hanging and ace wrap) because I already had that length. Adding to erect length takes a longer amount of time.

I might have misread what your asking though.

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It is very likely your flaccid size will improve faster then your erect size, so the answer is yes. The larger your flaccid gets, the less it will grow to become erect. That’s when you start converting over from a grower to a shower. It is a good thing. :)

Erection Size

So, no one seems to be getting my question, so let’s try putting it into real life terms. Say my flaccid size is 4in. And my erection size is 8in. Now if my flaccid size grows to 5in. Will my erection size stay at 8in, or will it grow to 9in?

Ok let me answer your question. I have gained 0.5” in erect length but I haven’t gained anything in flaccid length.

Conclusion: Your flaccid size may increase and your erect may not. Your flaccid size may not increase and your erect may increase(That is what happend to me). Or both may increase or not increase.

Jan 2006 > 5.9" EL; 6.4" BPEL; EG 4.9"

Feb 2006> 6.0" EL; 6.6" BPEL; EG 5.0"

Mar 2006> 6.4" EL; 7.1" BPEL; EG 5.1"


No need for the new thread repeating your same post. I deleted it. Please don’t do that again.

What don’t you understand about the replies above, or have the replies above not understood about your question? It appears to me that your question has been answered.

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